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Experience-boosting sets are items which increase the experience gained in a specific skill when worn. These sets can be obtained in a number of ways. When every part of a set is worn, most sets provide a 5% experience boost. However, some sets (those consisting of five items rather than four) grant a 6% experience boost.

Some of the regular experience-boosting outfits have headgear modification add-ons which give the headgear an effect on top of the experience boost. The complete outfit does not have to be worn in order to use the effect of the modified headgear. However, each is improved if four or more outfit pieces are owned or stored with Diango.

Prior to 6 October 2013, all sets gave a 5% experience boost. Prior to 28 September 2012, they gave a 2.5% experience boost.

Regular experience-boosting outfits[edit | edit source]

Skill Set Boost Obtaining and notes Modified headgear effects
Agility Agility Nimble outfit Up to 6% N/A
Archaeology Archaeology Archaeologist's outfit Up to 6% N/A
Construction Construction Constructor's outfit Up to 6% N/A
Cooking Cooking Sous chef's outfit Up to 6%
  • Can be interacted with to receive 6 free Pie shell per day, 10 if four or more outfit pieces are owned.
  • 3 teleports to the Cooking Guild per day.
  • 5% chance of cooking a piece of duplicate food, instantly sent to the bank.
Crafting Crafting Artisan's outfit Up to 6%
  • Can be interacted with to receive 21 free Soft clay per day, 35 if four or more outfit pieces are owned.
  • 3 teleports to the Crafting Guild per day.
  • 5% chance to save 1 piece of leather when crafting leather items, instantly sent to the bank.
Divination Divination Diviner's outfit Up to 6%
  • Can be interacted with to receive 1 free Chronicle fragment per day, 3 if four or more outfit pieces are owned.
  • 3 teleports to Guthix's Cave per day.
  • 5% chance to save divine energy when weaving or transmuting, but not on Divine charge.
Farming Farming Farmer's outfit Up to 6%
Fishing Fishing Fishing outfit Up to 5% N/A
Fletching Fletching Fletcher's outfit Up to 6% N/A
Herblore Herblore Botanist's outfit Up to 6%
  • Can be interacted with to receive 150 noted Vials of water per day, 200 if four or more outfit pieces are owned.
  • 3 teleports to the Catherby Allotment patch per day.
  • 5% chance of making a duplicate potion when mixing potions, instantly sent to the bank. This works on all types of potion and stacks with the Factory outfit 3 piece set effect.
Hunter Hunter Hunter's outfit Up to 6% N/A
Mining Mining Golden mining suit Up to 6% N/A
Prayer Prayer First age outfit Up to 6%
  • Can be interacted with to receive 1 set of Dragon bones per day, 3 if four or more outfit pieces are owned.
  • 3 teleports to the Player-owned house portal per day.
  • 2% chance to save bones or ashes when burying or scattering or used on an altar.
Runecrafting Runecrafting Master runecrafter robes Up to 5% N/A
Smithing Smithing Blacksmith's outfit Up to 6%
  • Can be interacted with to receive 30 pieces of Coal per day, 50 if four or more outfit pieces are owned.
  • 3 teleports to the Artisans' Workshop per day.
  • 5% chance of saving a piece of Coal while smelting.
Summoning Summoning Shaman's outfit Up to 6%
  • Can be interacted with to receive 300 Spirit shards per day, 500 if four or more outfit pieces are owned.
  • 3 teleports to Bogrog per day.
  • 5% chance of saving a charm while making pouches. Stacks additive with Spirit gems and the Summoning cape, not consuming a charge on a gem if the headdress is triggered.
Thieving Thieving Black Ibis outfit Up to 5% N/A
Woodcutting Woodcutting Lumberjack clothing Up to 5% N/A
Firemaking Firemaking Fired Up 5%
  • Reward for completing All Fired Up with at least 10 beacons lit.

Regular experience-boosting items[edit | edit source]

Skill Item Boost Obtaining and notes
Construction Construction Sculpting chisel 1%
Hunter Hunter Enhanced yaktwee stick 2%
Slayer Slayer Slayer helmet Up to 5%
  • 1% for each 20 souls added to the Slayer Codex. (Up to 100 souls)

Non-standard experience-boosting items[edit | edit source]

These items can be obtained by any member with the relevant requirements.

Skill Items Boost Obtaining and notes
Herblore Herblore Factory outfit Varies
  • Bought from the Flash Powder Factory for 1575-3150 points each.
  • Only increases experience gained for making unfinished potions.
Thieving Thieving Trahaearn exoskeleton set Up to 5%
Agility Agility
Firemaking Firemaking
Collector's insignia 5% for both, but only Firemaking Pyre ships and Agility course laps
Combat Combat
Slayer Slayer
Demon slayer equipment Up to 14% of current Combat skill
Up to 8% Slayer
  • Drops from Demon Flash Mobs and Kal'gerion demons.
  • Experience boost only applies when fighting demons.
  • Currently the only experience-boosting set without trade restrictions.
Farming Farming
Herblore Herblore
Hunter Hunter
Witchdoctor camouflage gear Up to 5%
Combat Combat Ghost hunter equipment Up to 10% of current Combat skill
  • Rare drop from ghost-like creatures.
  • Experience boost only applies when fighting ghost-like creatures.
Skills Non-combat Shadow-touched training Varies
  • Creates a wisp that can be interacted with, that grants 10% of a small lamp's experience in a skill you're currently training.
  • Provides additional effects and boosts from the individual set items.

Elite skilling outfits[edit | edit source]

Elite skilling outfit pieces were originally obtainable via a Treasure hunter promotion, and later from Vic the trader and Stanley Limelight.

Individual pieces can be traded for another piece within that same set in a 1:1 trade. (e.g. a sapphire golem body can be traded for emerald golem gloves).

If you have three of the tradable outfit pieces of the same type, they can be combined into a superior, non-tradable piece. (e.g. Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby golem gloves can be combined into Magic golem gloves).

Elite skilling outfit fragments for the Mining and Runecrafting (since 14 November 2016), Fishing (since 6 March 2017), Thieving (since 5 June 2017), Divination (since 29 January 2018), Dungeoneering (since 13 August 2018), Woodcutting (since 24 June 2019), and Hunter (since 8 July 2019) sets can be obtained with level 70 in their respective skill, after speaking with the respective skill's skillcape master. At level 80 in that skill, and with a certain level in Invention, blueprints can be unlocked and outfits can be manufactured. Gathering rates will also be improved at level 99, level 120, and at 200,000,000 XP.

The elite skilling outfit for Archaeology, the master archaeologist's outfit, is different from all other elite skilling outfits due to not being made with fragments via Invention nor having 3 non-superior outfits. Instead each piece can be bought from the Archaeology Guild Shop upon completion of the Qualification - Guildmaster achievement and costs 50,000 chronotes each for a total of 250,000 chronotes.

The elite skilling outfits don't provide an experience boost on their own (except for the Dungeoneering outfits). The player needs to own the regular skilling outfits so that the elite skilling outfits can also provide an experience boost. For example, pieces of the Diviner's outfit need to be owned before the elder Divination outfits can give a boost to Divination experience.

Skill Set Boost Obtaining and notes
Archaeology Archaeology Up to 6%
Divination Divination Up to 6%
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Up to 7%
Farming Farming Up to 6%
Fishing Fishing Up to 5%
Hunter Hunter Up to 6%
Mining Mining Up to 6%
Runecrafting Runecrafting Up to 5%
Thieving Thieving Up to 5%
Woodcutting Woodcutting Up to 5%

Update history[edit | edit source]

The update history project is a work-in-progress – not all updates to this topic may be covered below. See here for how to help out!
  • patch 24 February 2020 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue preventing some body and leg pieces from skilling outfits from being reclaimed.
  • ninja 22 July 2019 (Update):
    • Removed a message box when using the teleport option on Elite Skilling Outfits allowing you to get to your teleports much more quickly.
  • ninja 10 June 2019 (Update):.
    • Various existing skilling outfits, including the factory outfit and XP boosting outfits, now have set effect tooltips.
  • patch 28 August 2018 (Update):
    • Players that couldn't complete their skilling outfits can find that they'll now be able to get the required fragments if they couldn't before.
  • patch 6 November 2017 (Update):
    • Players can now destroy a whole elite skilling outfit set from the backpack at once.
  • ninja 21 August 2017 (Update):
    • When finding an elite skilling outfit fragment it will now state how many you find.
  • patch 24 July 2017 (Update):
    • Skilling sets can now be reclaimed from Diango after keepsaking the item.
  • ninja 26 June 2017 (Update):
    • Non-Treasure Hunter skilling outfits should now redeem from Diango.
  • patch 31 October 2016 (Update):
    • Elite skilling outfits will now correctly give bonus XP if you log out and in.
  • patch 11 January 2016 (Update):
    • Players may now reclaim skill outfits from Diango or Ianto when keepsaked, and retain their skill outfits when using a keepsake key on them.
  • patch 8 June 2015 (Update):
    • Fishing outfits set to consume will no longer eat big fish intended to be made into trophies.
  • patch 27 October 2014 (Update):
    • Having a full inventory when claiming chronicles or spirit shards from upgraded skill outfit headgear no longer causes the items to drop to the floor.
  • patch 28 August 2012 (Update):
    • Clan Avatar XP boosts with XP boosting gear equipped now works more consistently.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was possible for free players to obtain elite set pieces through the Christmas Advent Calendar, which would result in unusable member's objects.