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Not to be confused with Divine simulacrum outfits.
Diviner's outfit equipped (male).png
Diviner's outfit equipped (female).png

The Diviner's outfit is an experience-boosting set inspired by the appearances of Faizan Augour and Orla Fairweather. It is acquired via Treasure Hunter or as a possible reward from an experience-earning Guthixian Cache.

If the player doesn't own the full diviner's outfit set, there is a chance they will receive a part they don't own upon completing a cache (including ironmen). The chance of receiving a piece is 0.5% per point that the player scores within the cache (50% at 100 points, 40% at 80 points, etc.). Pieces can only be obtained if the player receives experience from the cache.[1]

Each piece of the outfit previously cost 360 Thaler from Stanley Limelight Traders, totalling 1,800 Thaler for the full set.

When one item is worn, it gives a Divination experience bonus of 1%. When all of the pieces of the set are worn, a 1% set bonus is added; thus, the full 5-piece set provides a total of 6% bonus.

The Diviner's headwear can be combined with a Diviner's headwear add-on to create a Modified diviner's headwear, which grants additional bonuses.

The set can be freely reclaimed from Diango, Ianto, or Azibo when destroyed or lost on death.

Experience boost[edit | edit source]

Item XP boost
Diviner's headwear.png Diviner's headwear 1%
Diviner's robe.png Diviner's robe 1%
Diviner's legwear.png Diviner's legwear 1%
Diviner's handwear.png Diviner's handwear 1%
Diviner's footwear.png Diviner's footwear 1%
Sub-total 5%
Set bonus 1%
Full set 6%

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References[edit | edit source]

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