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Diviner's outfit equipped (male).png
Diviner's outfit equipped (female).png

The Diviner's outfit is an experience-boosting set inspired by the appearances of Faizan Augour and Orla Fairweather. It is acquired as a possible reward from an experience-earning Guthixian Cache.

If the player doesn't own the full diviner's outfit set, there is a chance they will receive a part they don't own upon completing a cache (including ironmen). The chance of receiving a piece is 0.5% per point that the player scores within the cache (50% at 100 points, 40% at 80 points, etc.). Pieces can only be obtained if the player receives experience from the cache.[1]

Diviner's outfit previously cost 360 Thaler per piece from Stanley Limelight Traders, totalling 1,800 Thaler for the full set.

Each piece of the outfit provides a 1% experience boost to Divination when worn. When all of the pieces of the set are worn, a 1% set bonus is added; thus, the full five-piece set provides a 6% boost.

The Diviner's headwear can be combined with a Diviner's headwear add-on to create a Modified diviner's headwear, which grants additional bonuses.

The set can be freely reclaimed from Diango, Ianto, Azibo, or through the Bank's holiday outfit retrieval interface, if destroyed or lost on death.

Experience boost[edit | edit source]

Item XP boost
Diviner's headwear.png Diviner's headwear 1%
Diviner's robe.png Diviner's robe 1%
Diviner's legwear.png Diviner's legwear 1%
Diviner's handwear.png Diviner's handwear 1%
Diviner's footwear.png Diviner's footwear 1%
Sub-total 5%
Set bonus 1%
Full set 6%

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • ninja 28 June 2021 (Update):
    • All Skill Outfits will now prompt you to destroy all pieces after one piece is destroyed.

References[edit | edit source]

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