Armadyl's feather

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Armadyl's feather is obtained during Sliske's Endgame by talking to Armadyl after he meets Seren, if his followers have been banished from the maze. Using it on May rewards the player with the title May or may not be [Name].

Armadyl will talk about how him moulting for the first time in thousands of years makes him feel more alive and more connected to the aviansie, and he will give the player a feather as a gift.

To obtain the feather players can quickly replay Sliske's Endgame, start the quest at Relomia in Draynor Village, and tick the option "Replace maze with interactions only." and do not change the order of interactions on the Interactions tab. If players do choose a custom order of interactions, make sure that players first do the Armadyl and Seren interaction and then do the Armadyl alone interaction after the first part of the maze. Choose to forfeit the rewards. Talk with Relomia, be teleported to the maze entrance, enter the maze by speaking with Relomia, and go through the maze through all the dialogue. Halfway through the maze, select Armadyl as the god who loses his followers. Once the Armadyl alone interaction happens, accept his feather when asked; the option appears in all the dialogue branches in this encounter.

Armadyl's feather can also be used on the pirate who replaces Bill Teach in The Other Inn during Pieces of Hate to trigger some humorous dialogue, although the conversation is anachronistic as the quest takes place during the Fifth Age, before Armadyl's return.

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