Transcript of Sliske's Endgame journal entry

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  • I have spoken to Relomia in Draynor Village.
  • I have spoken to each of the gods and have decided who to align with during Sliske's game.
  • I told Relomia that all of the invitations have been handed out.
  • I went to the Heart of Gielinor camp where Sliske gathered all those invited to his game.
  • Sliske made me select a god to support.
  • Sliske revealed a twist to his game by bringing back Nomad stating that killing him will reward points to the god I have chosen to support.
  • I defeated the 'World Guardian Nomad' in combat.
  • Sliske has created a labyrinth and intends for us all to race through it for the Stone of Jas.
  • I made my way through the first part of the labyrinth; I need to keep going to find the way to the end.
  • I managed to make my way to the end of the labyrinth.
  • Sliske intended for me and a god to race against each other for the Stone of Jas.
  • The dragonkin arrived and Kerapac destroyed the Stone of Jas.
  • With the stone destroyed, Sliske has entered into a fury.
  • Sliske threw his army of wights at me, but I fought them back with the help of Zaros and Seren.
  • I have defeated Nomad, Linza and Gregorovic with the help of the Barrows brothers.
  • I have defeated Sliske causing him to lose control of the shadow realm.
  • I managed to kill Sliske, finishing him off with a blow from the Staff of Armadyl. However, as his final act he managed to stab me with the other end of the staff.
  • A mysterious voice summoned me deeper into the Heart. It was the elder god, Jas.
  • Zaros pleaded with Jas to become an elder god to take the place of Mah. Jas rejected his offer stating that everything he had done so far was just a shadow of what an elder god could do. However, Zaros continued to press Jas and stated that he would not be denied his ambition before leaving.
  • I spoke with Jas who explained that the other elder gods were beginning to wake up but she showed intrigue in me. She explained that we will have to convince the elder gods why life should be allowed to continue through action, not words, and that there must be an agreed consensus of the Elder Choir.
  • I discussed the events of the day with those that remained at the Heart of Gielinor camp. Linza thanked us for freeing her and that she can feel again; she told us I would be able to find her and the brothers at the Barrows while they get used to their life free of Sliske.
  • Icthlarin is back to his normal self and spoke to me of Relomia, expressing concern about her state once she discovers the death of Sliske. He explained that no matter our feelings of Sliske, Relomia is an innocent, damaged girl that needs help and she should be told about what happened.
  • If you chose to tell Relomia about Sliske's death:
    • I told Relomia about Sliske's death. She seemed upset at first, but surprisingly she recovered from the news very quickly.