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Nomad is an immensely powerful warrior-mage and the host of the Soul Wars minigame that he created. He will offer free tours of the battlefield along with a short explanation of how the game works, or a book that explains fighting in Soul Wars. The game is just a facade, however, and part of the sorcerer's secret plans that he executes in a huge cave complex beneath Soul Wars Island. Nomad has an unfortunate imp minion called Zimberfizz.

Talking to Nomad, outside of Soul Wars, while having Ava's attractor, accumulator, or alerter in the inventory, gives the option to add their ammo-retrieving ability to the capes used in the minigame.

With a combat level of 699, he has one of the highest combat levels of any quest monster in the game. He may be re-fought as a class A boss in the Dominion Tower (after Nomad's Requiem) or twice consecutively in a special match.

During Nomad's Elegy, he returns even stronger at level 799 and with 100,000 life points for each of his 4 phases. Another version of him is fought twice during Sliske's Endgame: once on his own, and another time alongside Linza the Disgraced and Gregorovic.

Due to Nomad's heavy consumption of souls, his memories manifested and linger around Icthlarin's fortress. This serves as the Memory of Nomad Distraction and Diversion. The manifestation possesses a combat level of 1001 and with 200,000 life points for each of his 4 phases.

History[edit | edit source]

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Early History[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Tales of Nomad.
Nomad as a young man.

Nomad lived in a Ghost Town with Zamorakian parents, who were killed by Temple Knights, leaving him orphaned. The resulting grief drove him insane. He eventually moved to Varrock, where the criminals on the streets took advantage of his frailty, turning him to grow stronger and prey on the weak. A mysterious mage called Oreb found Nomad and brought him to the Ourania Cave, teaching him about the ZMI's research on souls. He studied under Oreb and began to consider him to be his Master. However, Nomad felt that the teachings were insufficient and betrayed Oreb, killing him, albeit unaware he had survived due to the former Magister's knowledge on souls. Aware that necromancy could help him avoid death, he went to the Lumbridge Catacombs to speak with Dragith Nurn. Nurn, now a skeletal shell, refused to divulge his secrets. Nomad realised that Nurn was a dead end and returned to his research. Realising that the knowledge he sought could not be found in tomes and scrolls, Nomad summoned, captured, and bound the imp Zimberfizz to his service.

Eventually, Nomad learned of Lucien, a more powerful necromancer, and needed to get his attention. Nomad decided to become one of Lucien's rivals, knowing that he would get more attention than being one of his sycophants. Nomad stood against Lucien during the Mahjarrat's Siege of Varrock in 154, destroying Lucien's armies and catching his eye. Nomad joined Lucien, and worked with him in an attempt to gain power in the process. Despite this, Lucien refused to teach Nomad any of his secrets, forcing him to find a new way to gain power to rival Lucien.

Nomad somehow built or obtained the Soul obelisk, a magical artefact that allowed him to gain immense power from souls by secretly channelling their energy into a throne of his making. Making use of a massive underground facility, Nomad created the Avatar of Creation and Avatar of Destruction for his minigame, although he did have to deal with some failed prototypes before he opened his game, Soul Wars. Using zeal as an exclusive currency, he offered lucrative rewards to all who participated, many of who came to play despite the actual danger of death. The soul obelisk took a "liking" to a notable participant, who unbeknownst to Nomad at the time would actually be his downfall. Lucien became aware of his scheme and sent agents to kill or capture Nomad, but all of his attempts ended in failure.

Nomad's Plans[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Nomad's Requiem.

By 169, Zimberfizz began to suspect something and recruited an adventurer to check out Nomad's tent. They entered it and discovered Nomad's temple, where they oversaw the man himself being threatened by a trio of elite dark warriors, whom he easily killed. The adventurer soon approached him; Nomad was briefly surprised by their sudden appearance[1], having recognised them as a notable participant in his minigame. He warned them to leave and forget everything[2], refusing to divulge his secrets to them. After working their way through the temple, they confronted Nomad on his throne.

Angered that the adventurer came despite his warnings, he was convinced that they were another assassin sent by Lucien.[3] Though he could be convinced otherwise, he refused to let them leave because they had destroyed much of his work and he did not want anyone to know his secrets.[4] He initially had the upper hand in the battle with various extremely powerful attacks, but was eventually defeated by the adventurer, stating that "[they] have doomed this world" before falling to the floor, seemingly dead.[5]

The adventurer then told Zimberfizz that Nomad was dead, Zimberfizz initially did not believe it, so the adventurer kicked him to confirm it before the pair left. Due to his 'death', Zimberfizz became the new Soul Wars host and planned to bottle up the obelisk's souls to sell them. After the two left, Nomad got back up on his feet, revealing himself to be alive thanks to the power of the Soul Obelisk. He then teleported to an unknown location, with the intention of hiding from Death. Not long afterwards, Lucien himself was terminated by Dragonkin in the North.

Divination[edit | edit source]

After the death of Guthix and the dawn of the Sixth Age, he watched as the gods returned, and spoke with a Kinshra spymaster, calling him master to sate the spymaster's ego, and pretended to follow him. He disliked the new master, believing him to be weak, and killed him outside the Black Knight's Fortress. Nomad eventually learned of Guthix's divine energy. He was delighted with this energy, as it helped him gain power in another manner without having to rely on the Soul Obelisk, which he realised had been his downfall.[6] He began training divination and became proficient enough to harvest incandescent wisps. Eventually, Death managed to track down Nomad at the Poison Wastes and captured him, after receiving an "anonymous tip" from Sliske.[7]

Zamorak's Heist[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Dishonour Among Thieves.

Zamorak, intending to reclaim the Stone of Jas from Sliske, recruited the World Guardian and tasked them with assembling the team, including Nomad, stating that he had disposed of traitors in his absence. The World Guardian encountered Nomad being attacked by Death, who claimed that Nomad had stolen souls that belonged to the Underworld and that he himself was supposed to be dead. They persuaded Death to let Nomad go for the time being, since he was needed to take down Sliske. Death was uneasy with letting Nomad go, but trusted the World Guardian's judgement as they had saved him from Sliske during his "Grand Ascendancy".

Nomad and the rest of the heist team arrived in Sliske's lair after the World Guardian and Jerrod disposed of the initial guards, where they eventually found a large door separating them from the Stone of Jas. Nomad helped unlock the door by empowering one orb, while Enakhra drained the other to prevent the alarm from triggering. Later, Nomad helped take out the elite wights hounding the rest of the heist team, who were busy fighting off shadow apparitions Sliske conjured. After the battle, however, Nomad revealed himself to be a traitor to the Zamorakian cause, and attempted to take the Stone of Jas, or at least a piece of it, throwing his spear at the World Guardian to keep them out of the way.

If the World Guardian threw the spear back at Nomad, he was wounded and prevented from taking a piece of the Stone, upon which he accused the World Guardian of being a mercenary.[8] If they avoided the spear, Nomad claimed a piece of the Stone, becoming greatly empowered from the small fragment.[9] Regardless, Nomad claimed that Zamorak was weak and cowering in his hideout. Zamorak then appeared, enraged by his betrayal, and easily overpowered him. But before the god could land the final blow, Nomad teleported away.

Grand Plans[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Nomad's Elegy.

Nomad attempted to siphon all the dead souls of Gielinor to create a god in the Grim Underworld, with his allies Legio Septimus and the "true" Order of Ascension.

Death and Icthlarin, who sensed the souls being taken from them and turned into some monstrosity they could not see, found the World Guardian after they had been sent into Death's office after an explosion "killed" them and Zimberfizz, the latter having died for good. They tasked them with finding allies to help retake Icthlarin's fortress from Nomad and his cronies. While gathering allies in Limbo, the World Guardian's former spouse (depending on who they married in the Throne of Miscellania quest) assisted them. As they picked up the last of their allies, Nomad appeared, taunted the World Guardian and permanently destroyed their lover's soul.[10]

Though he was well defended with numerous Ascended, Nomad would eventually be confronted by the World Guardian, along with their allies Death, Icthlarin, Zanik, Jessika or Korasi (depending who was killed by Wizard Grayzag in The Void Stares Back), Xenia, and Hazelmere. The World Guardian fought Nomad, while Death, Icthlarin and Xenia assisted in weakening the construct. The remaining members of the strike force held off Nomad's Ascended from swarming them during the battle.

The construct was soon killed by Death or Icthlarin (depending on the World Guardian's choice), and Nomad himself was defeated by the World Guardian after a lengthy battle. Nomad accused the group of destroying their only hope against the gods, though he soon laughed it off as they would be doomed in the future.[11] He told the World Guardian that they were linked to all the recent events, as he believed they were the only reason why the gods had not started their games until now.[12]

Sliske soon appeared to congratulate the construct's killer, having viewed it as a god and then asked the World Guardian to determine Nomad's fate. If the World Guardian decided to spare him, Nomad was caught off-guard with their mercy, despite Death warning him that it would not last long.[13] Before anything could be done, Sliske then teleported Nomad against his will, much to his horror. If the World Guardian decided to execute him, Nomad accepted his fate and he is killed by his own spear.[14] Sliske then took away Nomad's corpse to "clean up" the scene.

Due to Nomad's heavy consumption of souls, his memories still continued to linger in Icthlarin's castle, which the World Guardian could fight, albeit far stronger than the man himself, assisted by a manifestation of the construct. Upon being defeated, the memory will grant the player access to its bounty, and to return again next week to face its wrath again. Additionally, a sinister stranger left behind memories of Nomad, starting the Tales of Nomad, delving into Nomad's history through his memories.

Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Sliske's Endgame.

Nomad is restored as a wight and summoned by Sliske during the endgame, having been granted some of the power that made the adventurer the World Guardian. He is slain by them, counting as a god death for the World Guardian's chosen god, and is later brought back again to fight alongside Gregorovic and Linza the Disgraced after Sliske attempts to kill the World Guardian. Despite their efforts, the trio are defeated by the World Guardian. Following the battle, the Barrows Brothers, Akrisae and Linza returned to the Barrows to contemplate their newfound freedom, while Gregorovic returned to the Heart to lead his forces. Nomad likely survived the battle, given Sliske's proficiency in shadow magic, though he has yet to make a reappearance.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Nomad is an extremely powerful warrior-mage who siphons souls from the Soul Obelisk to increase his power. He is also very skilled in several areas, as he built the Soul Obelisk and the temple underneath his tent on his own. Zimberfizz states that Nomad "certainly knows his ways around Slayer monsters" and caught Zimberfizz with a magic box.

Nomad is capable of using a wide variety of magic, as he uses various teleports to both escape and drag his opponents to him. His knowledge of magics allows him to make clones of himself which are capable of inflicting damage despite not being real. He can charge up powerful attacks such as Disintegrate and Soul Blast. The result of him absorbing countless souls via the Soul Obelisk grants Nomad great power, as he is capable of killing Sliske's Elite Wights in one hit. Nomad can also use his staff as a melee and ranged weapon, shown during Dishonour Among Thieves, where he throws it at the player and in Nomad's Elegy where he uses it as a fast melee weapon. He is also capable of resurrecting the dead, although it is unknown to what extent.

Nomad can also absorb souls to increase his power and life expectancy, as Death tells the adventurer that Nomad's soul was due a "long time ago" and that the warrior-mage had taken countless souls from him.[15] Between Nomad's Requiem and Elegy, his combat level increased significantly due to absorbing countless souls; even the manifestation possesses far greater power than he ever achieved, with a combat level even higher than his former master.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Nomad/Strategies

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
You don't stand a chance.
Dominion Tower battlecry
Audio options icon.png
Let's make things interesting.
Bringing the vortices
Audio options icon.png
You cannot hide from my wrath!
Soul Blast initiation
Audio options icon.png
Let's see how well your senses serve you.
Self-replication initiation
Audio options icon.png
Let's see how much punishment you can take.
Disintegrate initiation
Audio options icon.png
You are tougher than I thought. Time to even things up.
Healing to half health
Audio options icon.png
Missing or killing
Audio options icon.png
Enough! This... ends... NOW!
Switching to berserk
Audio options icon.png
You'll never beat me this time!
Second Nomad's battlecry in No more Nomad... no more!
Audio options icon.png
Face me! Coward...
When hiding from Nomad

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • hotfix 3 October 2016 (Update):
    • Hard mode Nomad's phase changing code has been altered to ensure he spawns with the correct amount of life points.
    • Dying at the same time as a Nomad phase change no longer sends players out of bounds in Death's Office.
  • ninja 14 September 2015 (Update):
    • The following quest fights have been rebalanced:
      • Nomad:
        • Soul Bolt now has a max hit of 1036 (up from 450).
        • Disintegrate now stuns the player correctly, clearing all defensive abilities.
        • Disintegrate once again deals max life points minus 1 instead of 50% of max life points.
        • Mirror images now have the same current life points as Nomad, to make discovering the real Nomad more tricky.
        • Soul Blast now deals 7,500 damage (up from 3,000).
        • Land mines now deal 4,000 damage (up from 1,000).
      • Nomad (Dominion Tower):
        • The same changes as the quest variant.
        • Now is slightly more accurate than the quest variant.
        • Soul Bolt now has a max hit of 1470 (up from 675).
        • Land mines now deal 4,000 damage (down from 10,000).
  • patch 22 July 2014 (Update):
    • Nomad's combat level has been corrected.
  • patch 13 May 2013 (Update):
    • Nomad no longer caps magic damage against him at 750.
  • patch 16 April 2013 (Update):
    • Nomad no longer caps magic damage against him at 750.
  • patch 25 March 2013 (Update):
    • An issue that was causing Nomad's Soul Blast attack in the Dominion Tower to not deal damage correctly has been fixed.
  • patch 20 December 2010 (Update):
    • It is no longer possible to avoid Nomad's disintegrate attack by trying to escape.
  • patch 25 February 2009 (Update):
    • Nomad – of Soul Wars fame – no longer has a beard on his chathead, since he doesn't have a beard.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was joked on the fourth day of Cryptic Clue Fest IV, that Nomad is actually a scheming dwarf called Honeydew inside a mechanical suit and that he built the Soul Obelisk with an iron pickaxe.
  • A bug existed that allowed Nomad to be killed without retaliating or using any of his special attacks by using a spirit kyatt. This allowed many low-levelled players that would not have been able to defeat Nomad normally to complete the quest. This has since been fixed.
  • Some medium-level quest point cape owners were disappointed upon release, as Nomad was very difficult to beat even with high combat stats. This has sparked some debate among the forums. Although there has been some complaint, Jagex has mentioned that they will not weaken Nomad. The developers responded: "Too hard? Nomad is too easy! I wanted him to be much harder! Nomad himself will give you all the hints you need to defeat him while you battle him, so pay close attention to what is happening during the fight!" [16] Following the release of the Evolution of Combat, Nomad was inadvertently made considerably easier than he was before.
  • With a combat level of 699, Nomad was the highest levelled attackable quest monster in the game at the time of his release (the Spirit Beast was higher although unattackable). His level was reduced to a mere 200 due to the Evolution of Combat. With the release of The World Wakes, Nomad lost this title to Kree'arra and General Graardor, who both have a combat level of 210. Despite this, the fight against Nomad is generally regarded as being much more difficult. Some time after the release of Legacy Mode, his combat level was changed back to 699, making him once again the highest-levelled attackable quest monster. With the release of Nomad's Elegy, he is more powerful at a combat level 799. This title has since been claimed by Gregorovic at level 1000, who also fights alongside Nomad and Linza the Disgraced in Sliske's Endgame.
  • Before the graphical update in association with the quest Nomad's Requiem, he looked exactly like an elite dark mage - this supported the idea that Nomad's master was Lucien (considering he had an army of Elite Dark warriors, mages and rangers). The idea of Nomad's master being Lucien was confirmed by Mod Mark in the official RuneScape lore Q&A from 4 November 2012.
  • Nomad has become much stronger since the events in Nomad's Requiem; in Dishonour among Thieves, he consistently hits 15,000 against Elite Wights when the player controls him. However, as the wights only have 15,000 life points, it is possible that Nomad is even more powerful.
  • Nomad has at least level 71 Hunter, as he caught Zimberfizz with a Magic box.

References[edit | edit source]

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