Race for the Stone of Jas

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The Race for the Stone of Jas is a conflict that occurred during the Sixth Age after the Eclipse, when Sliske used the World Guardian to send out a number of invitations to all of the gods to come and take part in a final event to claim the Stone of Jas at the very Heart of Gielinor. Many of the gods and individuals arrived with an entourage.

However, before events truly kicked off, Marimbo and Brassica Prime gave their own reasons for not wishing to participate and left.

The Race[edit | edit source]

Sliske opened up the Endgame by bringing out Nomad, whom he had turned into a wight and given a portion of the World Guardian's power he had extracted with part of the World Guardian's soul and dubbed Nomad the new World Guardian with power equal to that of a god. But Sliske forced the "original" World Guardian to finally pick a faction to support, and if they won, the kill would go towards that factions score on Sliske's scoreboard.

Rats in a maze[edit | edit source]

Sliske had carved out a labyrinth maze into the walls of The Heart, with puzzles and even wights defending several sections. The maze had an added effect: the gods within lost their divinity. Making them what they were before they ascended. Whomever would reach the portal first could eject a faction and their entourage.

Within the maze, the various factions met with the World Guardian in audience. In many of the instances, the World Guardian could influence whether the factions would discuss peacefully or to even incite a skirmish between the parties.

The Stone[edit | edit source]

Eventually, the World Guardian and a god with the highest "score" were the first to reach the stairs that led to the Stone of Jas. Sliske forced the pair to race, with the first one to touch the Stone declared the "winner".

But as Sliske started a speech, Zaros and Seren appeared to convince whomever won the Stone to hand it over to one of them, having made various bargains with several of the contenders beforehand in case one of them won.

Before a decision could be made, however, Kerapac arrived with the Mirror and used its power to channel the Heart's anima into the Stone, thus destroying it and liberating the Dragonkin from their curse.

Fight against Sliske[edit | edit source]

Sliske, enraged at the destruction of the Stone, turned his attention to the World Guardian. However, Zaros and Seren sided with the World Guardian.

Sliske opened a number of portals, allowing hordes of Wight footsoldiers and Wight rangers to pour into the battlefield. As the World Guardian destroyed more and more wights, Sliske empowered the wights.

Frustrated that his more common wights were unable to overpower the World Guardian, he summoned the Barrows brothers. But during the previous encounter with the brothers, the World Guardian had disabled a device, giving the brothers a measure of self control. The seven brothers decided to stand with the World Guardian. At the defection, Sliske instead summoned his other three most powerful wights: Gregorovic, Linza the Disgraced, and Nomad, along with another horde of wights.

The Barrows brothers fought the invading army of wights, while the World Guardian endured the trio of more powerful wights. But as each of the trio were defeated, the remaining would grow even more powerful.

When all three of his champion wights were defeated, Sliske dragged the World Guardian into the Shadow Realm where they dueled. Each time, the World Guardian nearly defeated Sliske, Sliske would retreat to regenerate and they were forced to destroy a power source, then attempt to leave the Shadow Realm, then finally disrupt Sliske.

When Sliske was nearly beaten, the World Guardian finally tapped into the full potential of their power, allowing them to overwhelm Sliske. On a final stand, Sliske drew the staff of Armadyl, but the World Guardian took it from him and proceeded to pummel him with the Staff, before finally impaling him with it.

In a final move, Sliske pushed the Staff into the World Guardian forcing the Staff to stab both of them. With a sinister laugh, Sliske crumbled to dust as his power was siphoned.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With the death of Sliske and the destruction of the Stone of Jas, the various parties left The Heart.

Linza and the Barrows brothers were now free, but as they were still undead wights, they decided to remain at the Barrows.