Statue of Hebe

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The Statue of Hebe is located in the east of Oikoi (households) past the bridge in Everlight.

The statue requires 40 Construction and ten white marble for repairs (must be un-noted), rewarding 2,000 Construction and 197 Archaeology experience, revealing an inscription which reads "Into the dark places, carry with you always the light of Hallow." After this a hallowed lantern can be added to it for 785 Archaeology experience. After completing these steps, you can open a compartment in the statue to get archaeological materials (Hebe), which can be opened to receive a damaged 'frying pan', 24 white marble and 20 Third Age iron. Once completed, the statue can be interacted with to restore Prayer points.

Restoring and claiming from the Statue of Hebe is required towards the completion of the No Secrets Left to Steal achievement.

A lit hallowed lantern (requiring 105 Archaeology) can afterwards also be used on the statue, rewarding 'The Epic of Hebe' which grants 50,000 archaeology experience.

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