Statue of Mesomedes

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The Statue of Mesomedes is located in the south-eastern corner of the Amphitheatre in Everlight Dig Site.

The statue can be repaired at level 40 Construction using ten white marble, rewarding 2,000 Construction and 196 Archaeology experience. After restoration, clicking on statue opens a monologue:

  • Hmm, there is a worn inscription on the statue. It says...
  • 'For you the peaceful chorus of stars, rejoicing in the music of Everlight's harp.'
  • There is a small place to make an offering at this statue. I wonder what item would go here...

Adding an Everlight harp rewards further 1,149 Archaeology experience. It is then possible to open the statue to withdraw a hand of glory (Everlight). The statue will act as an altar from then on through the option "pay respects". Each hand of glory asks for a different type of ring which can be used on the hand. Using the charged hand of glory at the mysterious monolith unlocks the relic power associated with that ring.

Restoring and claiming from the Statue of Mesomedes is required towards the completion of the No Secrets Left to Steal achievement.

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