Epic of Hebe, excerpt 2

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This article is about the second excerpt. For other excerpts, see Epic of Hebe journal pages.
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The Epic of Hebe, excerpt 2 can be obtained from excavating at the acropolis debris or bibliotheke debris excavation hotspots at the Everlight dig site. Recovering this page along with the rest of the other four excerpts is a requirement for completing The Epic of Hebe mystery.

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The role of the Twilight Knights was a treacherous one, forever walking within and ahead of the slow-moving sunset meridian of Hallow. Primarily, the task was simply to provide assistance to migrators and evacuees - hard manual labour, but not dangerous. Most creatures that live and thrive within Hallow's night are afraid even of the weak sun of the twilight, and would not venture out of the dark, but rarely there were attacks from creatures emboldened or hungry.

However, the role was most dangerous when fellow citizens fell behind and into the night. The Twilight Knights had to brave that darkness to retrieve the lost - alive if they could, or their bodies if not. It was considered sacrilege to allow a non-banished citizen's body to remain in darkness until the sun arose on it once more.

On one such trek into the night, Hebe herself was accosted by a skolex - nocturnal sea creatures that latched onto an icyene soul and made it something other. Victims of a skolex could sometimes be recovered, if their exposure was short enough. Hebe's cohorts were able to get her to a healer quickly enough, but even then, most icyene who undergo an unwinding procedure with a rod of Asclepius still end up dying, or worse, within a living death - an unresponsive blank slate requiring constant care, and useful only for simple, repetitive tasks. Hebe was one of the lucky few, however, to return to her true self after her unwinding. From henceforth, she was known as the Unwound, freed of the Twilight Knight punishment and allowed to return to her old life.

It seems, however, her experiences had still changed her, and filled her with a sense of wanderlust and adventure. She volunteered to travel to Gielinor on our Lord Saradomin's latest campaign the moment it was announced.

-Excerpt from 'The Epic of Hebe'

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