Elidinis Statuette

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The Elidinis Statuette (also known as the Shrine to Elidinis or the Shrine to She) is a shrine in Nardah slightly north of the city's fountain worshiping the goddess of growth and fertility Elidinis. The shrine was the focus of town worship where the "Priestess of She" would lead the worship. However the priestess spot has been vacant in the shrine for the last 5 years. This lead some people to suspect that the goddess in her anger dried up Nardah's water supply. Currently Shiratti the Custodian maintains the shrine. Also an Ancestral key can be found on a table to the east of the building which is used during the Spirits of the Elid quest as well as a Torn robe in the cupboard to the west of the building also used in Spirits of the Elid.

Praying-at[edit | edit source]

After completing the quest, the Elidinis Statuette may be prayed at, which will fully restore a player's Prayer level, completely heal them, and give a temporary Life Points boost of 500.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While you can use the drop trick to get additional statuettes, any statuettes in your bank upon finishing the quest will vanish.
  • Even though healing is capped at 500 life points above the player's maximum life points, the Elidinis Statuette actually heals the player by their maximum life points plus 1,500 life points. This can be seen by using Obliteration's special attack on a player and then quickly praying at the Elidinis Statuette.