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This article is about the altars used to recharge Prayer. For other uses, see Altar (disambiguation).
For altars in a player-owned house, see Chapel. For altars in Daemonheim, see Dungeoneering/Prayer.
A player prays to the gods.

An altar is interactive scenery that allows a player to recharge their Prayer points. By clicking on it, the player will kneel by the altar and it will recharge their prayer points. To locate an altar, look for the altar icon (Altar map icon.png) on the world map or minimap.

Altar locations[edit | edit source]

Asgarnia[edit | edit source]

Feldip Hills[edit | edit source]

Kandarin[edit | edit source]

Kharidian Desert[edit | edit source]

Misthalin[edit | edit source]

Morytania[edit | edit source]

Tirannwn[edit | edit source]

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Islands[edit | edit source]

God Wars Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Altars in generals' rooms in the God Wars Dungeon can only be used every ten minutes while out of combat. The altars grants 10 additional prayer points per god item equipped by the player that corresponds to the altar's god. Wearing a Bandos chestplate, tassets, boots, and godsword, for example, would yield 40 additional prayer points when praying to the Bandos altar.

Reaching altars[edit | edit source]

These altars are reasonably accessible by "fast" transportation means, such as teleportations.

Altar location Transport method
Tribute stone north of Falador Teleporting to the Falador lodestone brings the player extremely close to the tribute stone to the east, which also functions as a small obelisk.
Kandarin Monastery south of Ardougne Kandarin monastery Teleport brings the player a short distance to the north. It is also possible to use the fairy ring code DJP to the Tower of Life and then go west to the monastery.
Lumbridge Church The church is very close to the Lumbridge lodestone.
Altar in Lletya A crystal teleport seed can be used to teleport very close to the altar.
Chapel room of player's house If the player has built an altar in their home, the House Teleport can be used to quickly reach it.
Sulphur spring in Oo'glog Using the Oo'glog lodestone, the pool is only a short distance away.
The vampyric altar in Darkmeyer Drakan's medallion teleport (Darkmeyer option), the Altar is a short distance away.
Cadarn/Iorwerth clan in Prifddinas (Attuned) Crystal teleport seed (Options 4 or 7), the Altar is a short distance away from both teleports.
The Throne of Fame The Max cape and Completionist capes' Max Guild teleport

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Not counting altars built by the player, the prayer-recharging altars in the world belong to the following religions:
  • Previously, the Altar of Chaos did not recharge prayer points fully. It restored 2 less (now equivalent to 20) prayer points than the player's maximum. Having 2 or less maximum Prayer would fully recharge your points, however.
  • Altars located in a player's house can be used to train Prayer. Simply use any bones on an altar in a Player-owned house to gain experience. When you use bones on a player's altar it will say, "The gods are very pleased with your offering", "The gods are pleased with your offering" or "The gods accept your offering". Altars inside Daemonheim work similar to that in a Player-owned house, giving four times the experience received from burying.
  • If a player uses an item on an altar, a message appears saying "You fear the wrath of the gods!" However, this will not happen at the altar to Seren in Lletya or the Vampyric altar in Darkmeyer.
  • There was an altar in the basement of the Wizards' Tower before its graphical update on 28 November 2012. While it still existed, it was used in the Restless Ghost quest. After a patch note update, it had no use until its removal.