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Padosan was an icyene that lived in Everlight during the Second and Third Ages and died at an unknown time. She is Padomenes's sister.[1]

When Queen Efaritay decided to host a version of Dominion Games on Gielinor, Padosan immediately signed up, wishing to be an inspiration to others. Although she suspected the games were held to prepare for war, she did not question it further, believing that the life of an athlete was better than a soldier.[2] She encouraged Padomenes to sign up, simply so that she could best him in front of thousands.[3]

During the marathon, Padosan easily bested her brother in the sprint, but her pride got the better of her as she collided into a hoop, knocking her unconscious. When she came to, she learned from her healer, Juros, that she would recover, but she would be unable to fly again.[4] Following the accident, she decided to retire, but maintained a close friendship with Juros, becoming pen pals.[5] Padosan eventually visited the new games and was inspired by the humans, centaurs and sirens, eventually deciding to return as an athlete, training hard so that she could be an excellent marksman, runner and swimmer.[6]

At some point a statue was erected in her honour, with one of her gold medals being stored inside a secret compartment.

Padosan's grave can be found in the Icyene graveyard south-west of the Everlight site, where an inscription reads "Graceful Padosan. Beloved by her brother, cherished by her audience." upon being examined.

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