No Secrets Left to Steal

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No Secrets Left to Steal is an achievement that can be unlocked at the Everlight Dig Site by restoring, adding an item to, and opening the four statues found in the dig site.

There are four statues in total each requiring to be repaired with ten unnoted white marble. Subsequently each statue also requires a specific artefact listed below.

Statue Location Required artefact Rewards
Statue of Hebe Hallowed lantern (requires level 42 Archaeology) 785 XP, a 'Frying pan' (damaged), 24 white marble, and 20 Third Age iron
Statue of Mesomedes Everlight harp (requires level 51 Archaeology) 1,149 XP and hand of glory (Everlight)
Statue of Padosan Dominion torch (requires level 69 Archaeology) Gold Dominion medal which can be handed in to Padomenes at the White Knights' Castle in Falador
Statue of Tromple Rod of Asclepius (requires level 92 Archaeology) 6,191 XP and 'Tromple's Troubling Tales'. 92 Archaeology (unboostable) is required to read this book (unbankable, can't be reclaimed upon destruction). Rewards 50,000 Archaeology XP

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  • patch 1 September 2020 (Update):
    • It's no longer possible to trigger the 'No Secrets Left to Steal' Achievement multiple times.

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