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This article is about the second page. For other pages, see Athlete's journal page.
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Athlete's journal page 2 can be obtained from excavating at the stadio debris, Dominion Games podium, or icyene weapon rack excavation hotspots at the Everlight Dig Site. All five pages are needed to complete the Fall and Rise mystery.

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Since my wins at the last Dominion Games, my brother, Padomenes, has arrived here. I barely gave him a chance to land before I'd encouraged him to sign up! We have always been friendly rivals, and what better forum to express that rivalry than in front of a crowd of thousands? That way, when he inevitably loses, he can't squirm out of it and pretend he still won, like he always used to when we were children.

He always refused back home on Hallow, but this is a new world for us and a new beginning.


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