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This article is about the fifth page. For other pages, see Athlete's journal page.
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Athlete's journal page 5 can be obtained from excavating at the stadio debris, Dominion Games podium, or icyene weapon rack excavation hotspots at the Everlight Dig Site. All five pages are needed to complete the Fall and Rise mystery.

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The previous games inspired me. Seeing the feats performed by our allies brought a passion and hope back into my life that I had lost. So what if I can no longer fly? I can run, I can throw, and I can swim! Padomenes is even sparring with me now to fight in the arena - it's the one thing he was always better at than me. But I jest - I have learned from my mistake, and shall endeavour to not be so prideful and boastful in future.

That said, there is no point competing if you don't set out to win, so I am learning to shoot more accurately than the centaurs, swim faster than the sirens, and run further than the humans! A challenge, yes, and perhaps an impossible one, but I shall work harder than ever before to try to meet it.


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