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Athlete's journal page 1 can be obtained from excavating at the stadio debris, Dominion Games podium, or icyene weapon rack excavation hotspots at the Everlight Dig Site. All five pages are needed to complete the Fall and Rise mystery.

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The moment Queen Efaritay revealed her plans to hold a version of the Dominion Games on this world, I pledged to be a contestant. These first games will consist primarily of flight-based events of speed and precision. Hoops and pylons have been constructed around Everlight to act as obstacles and goals.

Other planned events include the javelin and discus throws, a carryover from the days back on Hallow where the games were used to encourage and develop martial prowess. Most obvious of these types of event are the arena sparring ones - they started out as wrestling bouts, but quickly progressed to using wooden swords and wicker shields.

It's almost as if Saradomin is preparing us for endless war or something. I suppose I shouldn't complain, for I do get to live my life as an athlete and not a soldier, as an inspiration to others.


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