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Archon Bable was an icyene that served as a military commander during the Second and Third Ages. Efaritay considered him to be odious, but tolerated him because he held significant military influence over the Icyene military. He was to marry her on Hallow, simply out of convenience [1], but when they arrived on Gielinor, Efaritay married the human Ascertes [2]. This enraged him, as tradition stated the head of the military was to marry the leading royal of their age to ensure the allegiance of the other icyene city-states. He attempted to voice his complaints to Saradomin, but the god chastised him in response [3], much to his frustration.

Bable liked the centaurs, sirens and regal lion-kind, believing them to be powerful and strong allies. He had more mixed opinions about humans, seeing them inferior to the centaurs, unicorns and lions, only liking the fact that they were abundant [4].

When Lowerniel Drakan and his vampyres attacked Hallowvale, Bable prepared his forces to defend the kingdom, although he was annoyed with the human forces he had under his command, seeing them as useless against the vampyres. Eventually, Hallowvale's forces were pushed back to their strongholds in the lands around Everlight and were surrounded by the vampyres. The lighthouse seemed to keep the vampyres at bay, however, and they appeared to be afraid of the surrounding ocean. Bable had waited for Saradomin's intervention, but learned that Saradomin was under attack on multiple fronts by Zamorak and Bandos' followers. Despite having an advantage over the vampyres, namely the ability to hold off the siege for an indefinite amount of time, Bable opted for a flanking attack, surmising that if the situation went worse, the Icyene military could assist Saradomin. [5]

The siege was broken when Drakan tunnelled under Efaritay's castle from the Icyene graveyard during the night. This caught the icyene by surprise and they fell back to Everlight, but Ascertes was taken by the vampyres in the ensuing chaos. Bable did not hold against the vampyres at the lighthouse and fled further east, for which Efaritay deemed him a coward. This resulted in the city being abandoned outside of Efaritay's royal guard and the civilians. [6] [7]

It is not known exactly what happened to Bable after this, but his grave can be found in the Icyene graveyard south-west of the Everlight site, where an inscription reads "Bable. You faced Saradomin's judgment and were found wanting." upon being examined.

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