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Queen's journal page 1 can be obtained from excavating the prodromoi remains and monoceros remains excavation hotspots at the Everlight dig site. All four pages are needed to complete the Queen of the Icyene mystery.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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It was with sorrow in my heart that I left my home on Hallow, but I am duty bound as Queen to lead them in our Lord Saradomin's new campaign.

In New Domina, we lived forever beneath the sun's light - our floating capital moving with the sun, which lazily arced through our skies. The night on our home was incredibly dangerous, and few that found themselves within it survived the experience.

Arriving on this so-called paradise was more than a shock. Saradomin arranged all arrivals to be within daylight, but the sun moves so much faster here, and despite being warned of this fact, and reassured that the night on this world is not inherently dangerous, every new icyene arrival has had the same fearful reaction. My kind are so acclimated to conditions on Hallow, we as a race are fundamentally afraid of the dark. This is something we will have to adapt to if we are to become an effective force for good here.

As such, I have ordered construction of a tower on a small peninsula near where our city is being built. Lord Saradomin has promised to place within it a mote of his power to act as a permanent beacon - both a lighthouse for new arrivals to aim for and a comfort to ease us into this planet's incessant day/night cycle.

It is somewhat styled after the main tower on New Domina, and it shall be named Everlight, for it will stand for all time to cast its, and our, light within the darkest recesses of this world.

-Queen Efaritay

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