Statue of Tromple

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The statue of Tromple is a statue found in south-western Everlight Dig Site.

It may be restored using ten white marble, giving 2,000 Construction and 196 Archaeology experience. After repairing the statue, players can add an item to it, giving the inscription "With serpent and rod, show us the folly of our ways." A Rod of Asclepius may be placed on it in order to receive between 6,615.1 and 6,615.9 Archaeology experience. The experience is treated as reward experience, and thus can't be boosted. Once the rod has been added, the statue may be opened to receive 'Tromple's Troubling Tales'. This experience book can only be used with 92 Archaeology (unboostable). The book cannot be banked, and is not reclaimable if destroyed. It grants the player 50,000 Archaeology experience when read. After opening the statue, it acts as an altar through the "pay respects" option.

Restoring and claiming from the Statue of Tromple is required towards the completion of the No Secrets Left to Steal achievement.

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