Metum the devoid - Tywyll Daethstod

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Metum the devoid - Tywyll Daethstod is a book shown during The Needle Skips when searching the bookcase in Megan and Primrose's house. It contains the story of a demon named Metum who feeds on the misery of others. This book helps the player to know the name of the demon that is possessing Megan.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Metum the devoid - Tywyll Daethstod.

In my travels, I've collected mountains of research on demons. Demons that control the weather, demons that wish to rule, demons that just want to destroy everything. But, one demon stands out as a curious case. Metum. This demon appears to thrive on pure misery, while being miserable herself. As moods spiral and hope is lost from those around her, Metum's power swells. Some say that demons don't feel guilt, but this one wallows in the constant misery like a mud bath.

I've met those in the city who blame their every misery on her. One man swore that she made him stub his toe getting out of bed every morning. A woman blamed Metum for constantly burning her food. I have even heard word that Metum was the biggest contributor to Sennisten Asylum's halls.

It's hard to unravel what this demon truly is. Is it a scapegoat, a minor mischief-maker, or terror the likes of which few have seen? Whatever the case, pray to Seren that she never crosses your path. Whether minor inconvenience or endless torture, it won't be good.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The author's first name, "Tywyll" is a Welsh word meaning dark or darkness.
  • The author's last name is a mashup of the Welsh words for "Misery" (diflastod) and "Knowledge" (gwybodaeth).
  • The name was created during the 2017 Game Jam, as suggested by players.