Transcript of Letter from Primrose

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This transcript involves dialogue with Primrose.

Dear Gail,

For reasons I've never understood, you've always been there for us. And we both know that you've seen me at the berry bush. For both of these reasons, I owe you the truth.

When I found out what mum was doing, turning back time to keep me alive, I struggled with what to do. I thought about confronting her, and telling her to stop. To let me die. To enjoy the moments left with me. But I knew that wouldn't stop her. She would find a moment when I was asleep to go back in time, to begin another loop without me being aware.

There was only one thing I could do. A necessary evil. I couldn't let my mum know that I was aware of the Returnings, so I determined to follow her through every time loop. I hope you understand why I am doing this. Please, don't reveal me or my plan. Let me keep coming to the berry bush. If not for me, do this for her. She needs to break this loop so that she can live herself.

Look after her, Gail.