Transcript of Note from gail

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The Needle's magic worked: Primrose survived and will live a long life. I send you love for making that decision. It cannot have been easy.

By sending Primrose back in time, we tied her to The Needle. This is something you know. By doing so, she woke up three years previous without any memory of who she was. She was alone, but she would not be for long.

How do I know this? I know this, because this is what happened to me. I woke up three years ago without memory. I was the one who was alone. You may even have been aware of this, on some level. I am Primrose. I am your daughter.

And now I must ask you for a favour. Perhaps the biggest favour anyone could ask of someone. I ask that you let me go, let me run away.

By staying with you for so long, I was avoiding something - something you may never understand.

But now I will face it, and do Primrose proud.

I hope to return to you.

This is not a goodbye.