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Sloop is a wizard at the Wizards' Tower and formerly the apprentice of Joss. He fell in love with Primrose, Joss's daughter, who shared his interest in books.[1] As Joss's apprentice, he came round to their house in north-western Piscatoris often, but when Joss fled due to accusations of plagiarism, Sloop lost his reason for visiting Primrose.[2] Instead, they began exchanging notes in books, which he bought off Megan, Primrose's mother. When she went to sell him The Adventures of Hannibus, she discovered the note Primrose had written, causing her to return home and burn every book.[3]

During the quest Desperate Measures, Primrose tells the player Megan allowed her to write letters to him again, and subsequently found out he was now in a relationship with somebody else.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Megan, "The Needle Skips", RuneScape. "Sloop was my husband's apprentice. He was a boy, not much older than Primrose, I guess...he bought my books - as often as he could spare the money. I ferried them in small batches, as he could only buy so many."
  2. ^ Primrose, "The Needle Skips", RuneScape. "The worst part was Sloop. Without dad, there was no reason for Sloop to be at the house any more. Why would dad's apprentice visit when dad wasn't there? Mum wouldn't let him in. My love. My Sloop. So he got work at the Wizard's Tower, and passed notes in the books that mum sold to him. But even that's gone now. I know that Sloop won't give up on me. I know he will come for me."
  3. ^ Megan, "The Needle Skips", RuneScape. "opened the book on the way to selling it...Inside was a slip of paper. A poem, lightly scrawled in feeble handwriting. Primrose confessed her love. She begged to be saved...I stopped the cart, and turned around. My head thrummed with rage...Finally, the fury rested on the books. When I returned home, I threw them all into the fireplace."
  4. ^ Primrose, "Desperate Measures", RuneScape. "She even let me write a letter to Sloop. He's...he's with someone else now. But we're still friends."