Transcript of The Needle Skips journal entry

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  • I discovered a strange artefact on the hill west of Piscatoris. It seems to affect the passage of time somehow. I felt it urge me to uncover the mystery of the house west of Piscatoris.
  • I listened to the story from Megan's point of view. I learned about her daughter Primrose and the terrible illness she suffers. I learned that a strange woman called Gail offered Megan the chance to turn time back to spend more time with her daughter.
  • I listened to the story from Primrose's point of view. I learned how she watched as her mother aged and grew more and more haggared[sic] and withdrawn.
  • Primrose saw the terrible effect that the Return was having on her mother and vowed to release her from her self imposed torment.
  • I listened to the story from Gail's point of view. I learned that Primrose was following her mother back through time and therefore getting sicker each Return. I learned that Megan became possessed by a demon and in her rage over Primrose she stabbed Gail.
  • I healed Gail using a salve made from buckthorn berries.
  • I used crushed buckthorn leaves to wake Primrose from a deep sleep.
  • I released Megan from her possession by speaking the name of the demon 'Metum'.
  • Megan agreed to send Primrose back three years with Gail. Primrose will become one with the Needle, forgetting who she is, but she will be cured of her sickness.
  • I found a note from Gail explaining that she and Primrose are one and the same.
I gained 1 Quest Point, a shard of the Needle and a small XP Lamp.
I gained 1 medium XP lamp, for unlocking all the chapters.
I gained 1 large XP lamp, for unlocking all the words.
I gained 2 Treasure Hunter keys.