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Baba is a sheep brought to life by Primrose. Baba was originally a sheep in a story, where she was part of a flock abused by the giant Juddo. The sheep of the flock, unhappy with being force-fed, tossed about and bashed on the head, began running away, causing Juddo to eat them in order to send a warning to the others. Only Baba refused to run, despite Juddo encouraging her to do so so he could eat her. Frustrated, Juddo went to fight another giant only to be eaten himself.

Baba was amongst those that Primrose, using magic given to her by her father Joss, brought to life, alongside Hannibus, Thok, and Gilly Willikers. Baba was apparently quite a gossip who hopped everywhere. When Gilly found the diary of Megan, Primrose's mother, Baba told Primrose then helped extract the truth from the jester.

Baba is found on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the house during chapter 2 of the quest, after entering the unlocking the memory fragment "Dubbo's story".

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