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Renmark was a world described by Guthix as "a world of divine beauty and fabulous magic", and a "realm of wild nature" where four courts of the seasons were in constant conflict, maintaining a tumultuous balance of power. It was the homeworld of many different races, including the centaurs, ice sprites, stags and unicorns.

The landscape and inhabitants of Renmark would cyclically change as the seasons did. However, the various races that inhabited Renmark had no memory of their lives prior to the changing of the seasons. This aspect of the realm resulted a romance that blossomed between the Queen of Snow and the King of Roses; the wintertime and summertime aspects of Lumi, the ruler of Renmark.

At some point in the distant past, the young god Guthix visited Renmark using The Blade, an Elder Artefact he had taken from Skargaroth. Discovering a corrupt, ravenous, bloated parasite named Mur that fed on the living at the planet's core, Guthix sought to cut this evil from the world. This attempt led to the inadvertent destruction of Renmark, scattering fragments of it throughout the cosmos. This massive planetary split also caused the inhabitants to separate into their multiple identities; Lumi, for example, was fractured into their identities as the Queen of Snow, the King of Leaves, the King of Roses, and the Queen of Sunrise.

The four largest fragments became the Land of Snow, the Land of Sunlight, the Land of Glades, and the Land of Harvest. These fragments were ruled over by the multiple aspects of Lumi. However, due to the romantic relationship between the Queen of Snow and the King of Roses, the latter gave up his rule of the Land of Glades to move to the Land of Snow and marry the Queen of Snow. The King of Roses adopted the identity of Santa Claus and, together with the Queen of Snow, had a child.

Of all of the fragments, Guthix was only able to locate the Land of Sunlight, the Land of Snow, and the Land of Holly and Hawthorn, leaving the fate of most of the planet unknown to him. Guthix also believed that the parasite survived the world's shattering, and that its tendrils entwined the threads of mortality and took root in the pathways he had opened with the sword.

Some time later, the god Saradomin located another of Renmark's fragments, the Enchanted Valley, and enlisted its centaurs and unicorns to his forces.[1]

During the 6th Age Memorial to Guthix event, an adventurer collects the Elder Sword engram. Upon viewing the memory hidden within the engram, the adventurer witnesses Guthix's memory of Renmark's demise, along with Guthix's remorse at causing its end.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name is Nordic, "Ren" meaning "pure" or "reindeer", and mark meaning ground.

References[edit | edit source]

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