Land of Snow

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The Land of Snow

The Land of Snow is a fragment of the planet Renmark, created when Guthix inadvertently shattered the planet with The Blade. It can be visited during and after the Myths of the White Lands quest by talking to Wizard Isidor, and was the setting of the 2007, 2009s 2010 and 2016 Christmas events. The area was first released on 18 December 2007.

The history of the Land of Snow (as given by the Queen of Snow) is as follows: "The Land of Snow was created aeons ago by Guthix, as part of his balancing of the world. The coldness of this place counteracts the heat of the great deserts and volcanoes of others, ensuring the correct balance of hot and cold."

2007 Christmas event[edit | edit source]

The Land of Snow is inhabited by snow imps and the Queen of Snow, and was a place where players could make and pit snowmen against each other in battle. To make a snowman a player had to simply place snow on the ground and contribute snow to the pile until the pile was big enough, then various head-dresses could be used on the snowman to bring it to life. The type of snowman created depended on the type of head-dress used. A snowman made with a bow/staff/sword would turn into a ranger/mage/melee snowman. Not all headdresses made a snowman a combat snowman. For example, using a dragon headdress on a snowman simply turned it into a dragon snowman that waltzed around and could be talked to. After a player made their first snowman, they would get the "snowman dance" emote.

Once combat snowmen had been built, they walked around randomly, challenging any other combat snowmen as they pleased. The creator of the snowman had no control over this. No one is sure whether the combat triangle (range beats mage, mage beats melee, melee beats range) applied to the snowman combat. As a snowman took damage, it could be healed by throwing snowballs at it. If a snowman was defeated, it then melted away and another one would have to be made. Some people reported that their snowman simply "vanished" after a while, and no one is sure whether this happened after a snowman had won a particular amount of battles, whether it was normal or if it was a glitch.

The Queen of Snow gave snow globes to players who spoke to her. Recipients can shake the snow globe to fill their inventory with snowballs and pelt other players.

Myths of the White Lands[edit | edit source]

Players can access the Land of Snow again during the Myths of the White Lands Quest, but they cannot enter the Snowman Arena. Contrary to popular belief, the area in which players fight Jack Frost during the 2008 Christmas event is not in the Land of Snow, but in the Wilderness, which is odd considering the fact that the player helped out in freeing Santa Claus.

2009 Christmas event[edit | edit source]

The Land of Snow as it appeared in 2009

Players can access the Land of Snow during the 2009 Christmas event. The map is almost the same as it is in 2007 Christmas Event but added some tables and other decorations because the Clause family is having a feast but Ebenezer Scourge had ruined it by stealing the food. There's a gate leading to Ebenezer Scourge house east of the map. Ebenezer Scourge house is considered as a part of Land of Snow as the Queen of Snow said that he is their neighbour.

Violet is Blue series[edit | edit source]

Players can access the Land of Snow during the quest Violet is Blue by talking to Violet who is standing next to a portal at the base of White Wolf Mountain (Taverley side). After the quest is complete players can revisit Yeti Town, a location in the quest, via the same portal. Next to the portal Postie Pete will appear to start Violet is Blue Too during which players will visit the Land of Snow again and go to Yeti Town again. After completing the quest, players can use the portal to access Violet's home, Yeti Town (Violet is Blue), and Yeti Town (Violet is Blue Too).

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  • You cannot bring in a familiar in here. If you attempt to, the Snow Queen will tell you to dismiss it, as she is "tired of cleaning up after them".
  • Unlike other unique locations, you are not teleported out of the Land of Snow should you log out (for any duration of time) and log back in again.
  • You cannot light a fire in the Land of Snow, with your trying to light it on ice resulting in the message: "You can't light a fire on ice. The ground is too wet.", your trying to light it on a patch of snow resulting in the message: "You can't light a fire here.", and your trying to light a fire near the cave entrance to a higher level resulting in "You can't light fires so close to the ice." However, in the 2009 Christmas event, you are able to light fires in the Land of Snow.
  • You cannot perform any emotes (both your own and that of Holiday items) on the ice in the Land of Snow, and any attempt to do so will result in the message: "You can't do that while on ice."
  • The Land of Snow is a world separate from Gielinor, not merely a hidden location in RuneScape inaccessible manually, such as the Rune Essence mine, as confirmed when examining the exit portal of the ice caves (This portal should take me back to RuneScape) and in the conversations with one's Snow imp.
  • According to the Snow Imp, Gielinor and the Land of Snow are especially close together during the time of Christmas each year, causing "random people to stumble across portals an' turn up in the Land of Snow", as said by your Imp, which was how Santa Claus and the Queen of Snow first met. However, when you ask your imp to return to Gielinor with you, he says he cannot, claiming that "Them planes are not close enuff for me ta make it through." and that even the exit portal to RuneScape is snow imp-proof, and that he must also stay to look after Jack Frost. However, your imp promises that you can come back any time to see him.
  • The title is a reference to Mary Shelley's famous horror novel Frankenstein.