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Iaia is the homeworld of the Ilujanka.[1] Consisting mostly of marshlands, the planet has three moons and a star. The first moon is the silver moon, Silun. The second is the red moon, Akash. Third is the purple moon, Ilu which the ilujanka are named after.[2][3] The star is not visible as the world is surrounded by a cloud of dust. Each moon has a different meaning to the ilujanka and each one lights up the world in it's colour. The inhabitants of the world, cold-blooded creatures, lived peacefully with one another, lacking predators, threats or deceit,[3] causing them to have a symbiotic relationship. The Ilujanka, for example, would help the gurhs find food and raise their eggs, and in exchange the gurhs acted as mounts.[4][5]

At an unknown point in time before Zaros' arrival, the planet's anima somehow changed, turning it from pure to pristine. While this did not affect non-sapient life, the Ilujanka began suffering from its effects, with very few being born throughout the passage of time, leaving them in a dire situation.

One day, the god Zaros appeared,[2] and offered to help the ilujanka with their infertility problems.[6] Some of them travelled with him to Gielinor, leaving some of the kin and the gurhs behind. The infertility continued to plague the remaining ilujanka until they accepted that their time had passed.[7]

Currently, travel to the world is limited to those who can create their own portals between dimensions and their entourages. Only Zaros and the white dragon Therragorn have been known to achieved this, both of them taking a small selection of ilujanka with them. Attempts to use fairy rings failed as the network is not established on Iaia[8] and attempts to teleport were unlikely to succeed or have unintended consequences.[9]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Iaia was originally known by the placeholder name Lacertium until the name Iaia was decided upon.[10]

References[edit | edit source]

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