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Mur[1] is a parasite that fed on the core of Renmark[2]. Guthix attempted to destroy the creature with The Blade, but inadvertently ended up shattering the planet instead. Mur survived the destruction, and Guthix feared that his actions had only increased the parasite's influence on the universe.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Book (The Queen and the King), RuneScape. "Guthix had come to fight a monster which lived deep beneath the ground. The monster, whose name was Mur, lived inside the world eating it from the inside out."
  2. ^ Elder Sword (echo), written by Guthix, RuneScape. "Yet, at the core of this world of light, I witnessed a great darkness. A corrupt, ravenous presence; a bloated parasite that fed voraciously on the living, whose appetite could never be satisfied.
    But there are large fragments of Renmark I have been unable to locate."
  3. ^ Elder Sword (echo), written by Guthix, RuneScape. "Arrogantly, I sought to cut that devouring corruption from its host. Instead, I destroyed the planet, shattering its fragments across the cosmos. Worst of all, I fear my actions have released corruption from its prison."