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Concept art of Teragard, from RuneFest 2016.
The humans arrive from their own realm to Gielinor.

Teragard is the world where humans, and Saradomin, originated.

The whole of Teragard is ruled by seven Magisters from seven ruling families of Teragard. It is they who officiate over law, tradition, and religion within the world. Originally, there were twelve families of Magisters, but due to familicide, caused by the fact only the head of the family is a Magister, in order to gain power, some families have died out. The families were put into power by Saradomin himself after ascending to godhood, however, he has not been back for several centuries, so the Saradomin that is worshipped by the Teragardians is but an image of fear that the Magisters use by which to rule and subjugate their people.

The Inquisitorial Court are the knights and soldiers commanded by the Magisters to enforce their laws, assist in cultivating this false image of Saradomin, and to enforce their rule, making them seem, to the people of Teragard, as above all others, save Saradomin himself.

One of the most notable features of Teragard is an anomaly known as the Schism; a literal hole in reality, leading into the Abyss. Crackling with red lightning and dimensional energy, the Magisters use its power as an energy source; channelling the lightning into obelisks and harnessing the power. This power is their type of magic, considered to be Magiscience, a combination of magic and science.

Early Teragardians also used the Schism as a means to colonise other worlds. The planet has since lost contact with its colonies, however, well before the First Age; although they still use it. Such examples include Robert the Strong, who arrived on Gielinor during the Fourth Age. The magister Oreb, and one of Magister Lesarkus' family members also arrived on Gielinor sometime during the Fifth Age.

During One of a Kind, Teragard is described as being "a cold place, in both temperature and temperament". The Minister mentions that there are "endless" fjords and mountains.

Teragard is still going strong and inhabited by natives. The human natives are a proud and isolationist race, so would not leave Teragard without a good reason.[1] Saradomin, who was a normal human before ascending to godhood, who also originated from this realm,[2] made humans prosper and was responsible for introducing them to new realms.[3]  It seems that most humans on Gielinor have forgotten about their original realm and believe themselves to be native to Gielinor, which they called RuneScape due to the many runes they received from Guthix.

Most factions of humans on Gielinor consider the realm their home, and pass on to its afterlife, the Grim Underworld, when they die. Some factions, however, do not. Most notable of these is the Fremennik, who, due to their beliefs, pass on to the Fremennik Underworld upon death.[4] The player briefly visits this afterlife during Blood Runs Deep.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The word Teragard seems to be derived from the Latin word "terra", meaning "earth", and the word "gard", a Germanic word which also means "earth". The meaning of Teragard is therefore "Earth earth".

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