Armadylean afterlife

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The Armadylean afterlife is where the souls of Armadyleans go after they've passed on. It is described by Icthlarin as "a great sphere with a diamond star at the centre", where each person gets a chance to live every other person's life. This creates a profound sense of togetherness, but may come with the risk of losing one's own self.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Icthlarin, "Nomad's Elegy", RuneScape. "For those who follow Armadyl, community and justice are the most important things in their lives. Their afterlife is a great sphere with a diamond star at the centre. Their world is on the inside of this sphere. Each person there lives the life of each other person. Passing on mantle of self from one to the next. It is a world where everything walks in the shoes of everyone else and so there is a profound sense of togetherness. Albeit perhaps at the loss of one's self."