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Bobonosia, previously known as Jermyn, is the homeworld of the mwanu and monkeys.[1][2] The mwanu were the dominant species of the planet, back when it was known as Jermyn. They sacrificed and ate the other races in the name of their creator god, Tezcasathla, whom they believed would take away the gift of life if he was not sated with blood.[3] The world was renamed Bobonosia after an invader from another world, armed with the Elder horn, aided the monkeys in destroying mwanu civilization.[4][2]

Bobonosia is covered in jungles[5] and lit by at least two suns, which the mwanu interpreted as the eyes of Tezcasathla.[6][7] It also has mountains, as one features in the mwanu creation myth;[8] and oceans, as the mwanu were familiar with the ocean tide.[9]

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