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Not to be confused with Miss Schism.
Concept art of Teragard, where the Schism can be seen.

The Schism is a source of power native to Teragard, the original home of humanity, that Robert the Strong described as "the heart of Teragard". Because Teragard has no runes, all energy that they use comes from the Schism.[1] The Schism is controlled and protected by the seven Magisters of Teragard, who constitute the government. Robert, fascinated by the object, broke in to see it and described it as a black hole with red lightning surrounding it.[2] Robert felt that the schism was calling out to him and when he stepped into it, he found himself transported to another world, which likely is Gielinor.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Robert the Strong, "The Young Robert", RuneScape. "He describes the Schism as a great black hole surrounded by a corona of red crackling lightning, that arched to nearby obelisks that stored the energy."
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