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Abbinah[1][2] is the homeworld of the aviantese, including the god Armadyl. The aviantese there were once disparate tribes, constantly warring with each other, but Armadyl united them. It is near the planet Kethsi.[3]

Abbinah is a harsh place with little water and a shattered outer core consisting of floating islands, as well as a chaotic open core that is the only place where water can be found.[4] The islands move at high speeds, with only a few city-sized islands in stable orbit. From above, Abbinah is obscured by hurricanes and storms that rage across the surface.[5]

Due to the lack of resources on Abbinah, the few aviansie that reached old age before Armadyl's unification of the tribes would commit ritual suicide to relieve the burden on their clans.

Abbinah would feature heavily in a potential future quest entitled Rite of Passage.

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