Land of Sunlight

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The Land of Sunlight is a fragment of the planet Renmark, created when Guthix inadvertently shattered the planet with The Blade. It was first mentioned by the Queen of Sunrise in the Holly and Hawthorn Easter Event and is her home world. It can not be visited by players as of yet. It is presumed to serve the opposite function of the Land of Snow, bringing about the warmth of Spring and Summer to Gielinor, then making way for the Land of Snow's coldness to bring about Autumn and Winter. The Land of Holly and Hawthorn exists on the borders of these two worlds, where the Queen of Snow and Queen of Sunrise pass on the Year at the Spring and Autumn Equinox.

Felix claims his time in The Arc reminded him of his days in the Land of Sunlight, except with less betrayal and more ninjas.