Elder Sword (echo)

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Elder Sword is one of the echoes of Guthix that can be displayed atop an echo plinth at the Memorial to Guthix. Players can interact with the echo to read about Guthix's memory.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Elder Sword (echo).
  • Guthix: The Blade seemed almost drawn to this tiny moon. I later learned they shared a long history. I discovered rents in the dimensional fabric...wounds in the weave between worlds that will not heal. Those threads allowed me to find my way to many worlds that would otherwise have remained forever hidden from the Blade. Dimensionally speaking, Zanaris is a nexus of planar threads. Its radials spiral into a network of near-infinite ravaged planes: husks of dead worlds, drained of every ounce of life. I was alarmed by this revelation. What interdimensional predator could wreak such devastation? Was this the work of Tuska, the great beast that devoured my kin on Naragun? Could its appetite be so voracious? Or worse, was Tuska but one insatiable entity in a great swarm of devastation? I could only hope this parasite was long since deceased. The alternative - that it lingered in the dark void between worlds, and could strike at any moment - haunted my dreams for many centuries. ...Each gap between worlds cut by the Blade is like a rip in clothing, and they fray, as such, with each use. I must take care to hem each edge I have carved. Only the Blade keeps them stable. Many pieces must be sacrificed...
  • Guthix: Calamity! I underestimated the ability of the Blade. I have sundered a planet. It was a world of divine beauty and fabulous magic, a realm of wild nature where four ruling courts of the seasons were in constant conflict, yet maintained a tumultuous balance of power. Yet, at the core of this world of light, I witnessed a great darkness. A corrupt, ravenous presence; a bloated parasite that fed voraciously on the living, whose appetite could never be satisfied. Arrogantly, I sought to cut that devouring corruption from its host. Instead, I destroyed the planet, shattering its fragments across the cosmos. Worst of all, I fear my actions have released corruption from its prison. Its tendrils entwine the threads of mortality. It has taken root in pathways I have opened. There are many places I now dare not travel, for fear that corruption may probe deeper into the cosmos, and find a new host. I have sought out the elements of the sundered world. Some of them endure. A land of perpetual light and one of eternal winter, and a periphery where neither can endure the other. But there are large fragments of Renmark I have been unable to locate. I can only hope that some of its inhabitants may have survived my hubris.

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