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This article is about the icyenic homeworld. For other uses, see Hallow (disambiguation).
An adult skypouncer.

Hallow is the homeworld of the Icyene, a race of long-lived winged humanoids aligned to Saradomin. The planet consists mostly of water, with islands where the Icyene live as priests, farmers and warriors.[1] Aside from them, it is also home to the skypouncer, a winged feline creature whose sightings are said to bring luck.[2] The plane is said to contain at least one settlement referred to as Saradomin's City, which is likely to be New Domina, Saradomin's capital city on Hallow.[3] The transition from day to night takes close to a year and when the day ends and winter comes, the Icyene travel to another island on the other side of their world where it is summer.[4][5]

It seems that many Icyene have left the plane for Gielinor, due to their large numbers in the God Wars and their dominance of Hallowvale under Queen Efaritay until it fell to the vampyre Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan. Garlandia mentions that 'New Domina' is the name that Saradomin gave to the Icyene homeworld and that he brought it with him from another one, most likely the human realm.[6] It is not known what the world was called before his arrival, however, it starts with an 'H'.[7]

After the end of the Gielinorian God Wars, Saradomin was banished from Gielinor by Guthix along with most other gods and returned to New Domina so as to improve his relationship with the Icyene.[8] He returned to Gielinor centuries later just after the assassination of Guthix, where he took his commander, Zilyana, with him to the realm to make plans.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The placeholder name for the home of the icyene was "Hallowed Isles". [9] Hallowed Isles is now the name given to the islands inhabited by the Icyene on Hallow. [10]
  • The slow day to night transition of Hallow is a real phenomenon that can occur in astronomy. In our own solar system, the planet Venus takes approximately 243 Earth days to do a complete rotation on its axis and 225 Earth days to complete a full orbit around the sun. This is due to its retrograde rotation meaning it spins in the opposite direction as Earth.

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