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A cracked Hunter urn is used with the Hunter skill to help gain experience. It will collect skin scraps from creatures that require up to and including level 11 Hunter.

It can be created at 3 Crafting by forming a cracked Hunter urn (unf) on a potter's wheel (granting 12 experience), requiring 2 soft clay to make. It must then be fired (granting 18 experience) in a pottery oven creating a cracked Hunter urn (nr). The urn must then be activated with a mud rune to become a cracked Hunter urn (r) before it can be used. Players that do not have the required Crafting level to place the rune in the urn may use the assist system. The urn will become full when the player has earned 1,100 Hunter experience with the urn in their inventory.

Once the cracked Hunter urn is full, it becomes a cracked Hunter urn (full) and can be teleported to Ernie for 220 Hunter experience (275 with an urn enhancer). You may only own 10 full urns in your inventory/bank at once, if you have 10 full urns a new one will not be started.

Many different creatures from level 1—11 Hunter can be used to fill the urn. The following table lists all of these creatures.

Loading the urn
Creature XP per
per Creature
# of Creatures
to Fill
Egg-carrying imp 184.2 16.75% 6
Crimson swift 34 3.09% 33
Polar kebbit 30 2.73% 37
Rabbit 30 2.73% 37
Red soporith moth 15 1.36% 74
Snow impling 25 2.27% 44
Common kebbit 36 3.27% 31
Golden warbler 48 4.36% 23
Feldip weasel 48 4.36% 23
Copper Longtail 61 5.55% 19
Cerulean twitch 64.5 5.86% 18

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hunter urns are currently the only set of urns that require a combination rune to complete, generally making them the most expensive to produce.