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This article is about kiln for firing clay. For other uses, see Kiln.
A player using a pottery oven.

A pottery oven (also known as a Pottery Oven or kiln) is used in crafting clay items that have been moulded from soft clay on a potter's wheel or with a mould. With the relevant Crafting level the player finishes the unfired versions of clay items, gaining Crafting experience and making the items usable.

The player places the unfired clay item in the oven, waits for a few seconds, then removes the finished, fired clay object. However, there is a small chance that the unfired items may crack in the pottery oven, destroying them. The probability of this decreases with every increase in Crafting level.

Free players can finish unfired bowls, pie dishes, urns, and empty pots, while members can also fire pot lids and plant pots.

The following table shows pottery oven locations, which are not shown on the world map.

It would be useful to note that pottery cannot be fired in a furnace, or that ore (for example iron ore) cannot be smelted in a pottery oven.

A portable crafter will function as a potter's wheel and a potter's oven, making them very convenient as they can be deployed anywhere.

Non-Members Image
Barbarian Village Located a short distance from Varrock, with a well water souce in the village (bucket no longer needed for making soft clay) and clay mines just south of the pottery wheel. Barbarian village pottery oven.png
Crafting Guild Probably the best location, as the oven is only a room away from clay mines and water sources. Crafting guild pottery oven location.png
Draynor Village The Potters Cottage. North of the Market in Draynor. Draynor village pottery oven location.png
Varrock Just East of Aubury's Rune Shop. Varrock pottery oven location.png
Burthorpe Just south of the bank chest. Close to water source and clay mine. Burthorpe pottery oven location.png
Members Only
East Ardougne This oven is located near a water source and bank (north-west of), though quite far from clay rocks. East ardougne pottery oven location.png
Rellekka Usable after completing the quest The Fremennik Trials. A bank is a long walk away (unless you bank in Jatizso or Neitiznot via boat), but the oven is located near clay mines and a water source. Can also use Peer the Seer as depositor. Rellekka pottery oven location.png
Darkmeyer North of the bank. Darkmeyer pottery oven location.png
Prifddinas Ithell district, West of a bank chest and far West of the city centre. Prifddinas pottery oven location.png
Menaphos Located in a building on the east side of the Workers District. The building has the deposit box or chest behind it (if you've earned enough reputation for it). Menaphos pottery oven location.png

Pottery ovens[edit | edit source]