Erratic effigy

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Erratic effigies are a reward from the Effigy Incubator Distraction and Diversion. This is an in-progress effigy that collects experience from Divination, Farming, Hunter, and Runecrafting. When training Divination, the only supported method of gaining experience that will fill the effigy is gathering energy from wisps. Alternative methods of gaining Divination experience such as weaving signs of the porter, crafting divine charges, and releasing protean memories will not fill the effigy. Similarly, training Hunter using protean traps will not fill the effigy either, nor will any experience gained from divine locations, or experience gained from D&Ds such as handing in Big Chinchompa butterflies or participating in Guthixian Caches.

The effigy takes priority in your inventory over urns, meaning your normal urns will not fill simultaneously with effigies.

Erratic effigy function similarly to urns:

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 September 2020 (Update):
    • Updated examine text for Effigy Incubator effigies to distinguish between those that give lamps and those that give stars.