Patch Notes (13 January 2020)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 13 January 2020.

Hey Everyone,

We're trying something new with this week's patch notes. We're hoping to be able to give you guys a clear and consistent format, where you can be confident you'll find all the changes to the game more easily. We'd really love some feedback on how we've done, and how we can continue to improve the patch notes for you all, so feel free to reach out to us on socials!

~ The RuneScape Team

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Runefest 2019

  • The winners of the 2019 Golden Gnome Awards have been awarded their Golden Gnome pets and Golden Gnome hats to their accounts. Congratulations on your wins!

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Farming & Herblore

  • White lily now instantly grows when using the Supreme Growth Potion(leafy) on it.
  • Updated Meg's dialogue to say green salamanders instead of swamp lizards.
  • Selecting gather produce with right-click in player owned farm will now correctly update the button state.
  • It is now possible to cancel pathing after clicking on the mystical tree on manor farm.
  • There is no longer a confirmation message when travelling from manor farm using the mystical tree.
  • The Powerburst potion interface will no longer open when mixing some 3 dose potions.
  • You are now awarded token XP for climbing over the stiles at the Ranch Out of Time.
  • Pickle the Cat has returned to Manor Farm.

Patch notes runescore header icon.png Achievements

  • The "Arc - Flippers" achievement can no longer be triggered over and over.
  • The Medium Lumbridge achievement "Everybody Loves Coal" now has the correct level requirement on the achievement.
  • The "Friends with Max" achievement can no longer trigger without 99 Constitution.

Patch notes audio header icon.png Audio

  • Fixed repeating audio in the Wilderness.

Patch notes bosses1 header icon.png Bossing

Nex: Angel of Death

  • A second, golden, 'of the Praesul' title can now be earned by completing the Nex: Angel of Death drop log including the four intricate chests.

Patch notes clues header icon.png Clue Scrolls

  • Track colours and intersection graphics were updated on Celtic knots to improve colourblind accessibility.

Patch notes graphics header icon.png Graphics

  • The mannequins outside of the GE have been updated to show a more snowy version of the Sleigher Armour.
  • Fixed a clipping issue in the gnome maze.
  • Fire model graphics have been updated by Islwyn/Eluned.
  • Teleport animation overrides that have quick versions will now play in place of many more standard teleport animations while activated.
  • The Makeover Mage took a day trip to Anachronia Farm and decided to give General Bentnoze a makeover. Bentnoze no longer uses his Old School model, and has been replaced with a more up to date model.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Interface

  • When hovering over Hooded QPC, it now says Hooded quest point cape.
  • Antipoison, super antipoison, energy and super energy flasks can now be consumed from the inventory within the bank interface.
  • An information popup now appears when attempting to get the results of a Player Owned Ports story voyage via the Captain's Log, to point players back to their port to claim it.
  • The bank in the Elf Camp will now show on the mini-map after the completion of deadliest catch.
  • The bounty hunter weapons now display in the skill guides as before they were not there - you will find these weapons in their respective skill guides at level 87.
  • You can now eat cooked bacon from within the bank interface.
  • Click area for the world map exit button has been adjusted.
  • There are now no options present when examining a zygomite that is in the ground.
  • Hovering over favourite items in currency pouch now shows tooltip.
  • Right clicking the search box on Diango's interface now comes up with "search" instead of "enter personal message".
  • A warning now appears when using the Carallanger teleport spell.
  • Equipping Slayer helmet from the bank now has wear in the options.
  • When the Wilderness Sword 4 is equipped the Right-click teleport option to the Warband Camp will now appear (previously you had to unequip it first).

Patch notes minigames header icon.png Minigames

  • Premier Club Vault is no longer showing locked in the minigames tab for premier club 2019 members.
  • Updated some information on the Premier Club Vault minigames interface.

Patch notes mobile header icon.png Mobile

  • Fixed mobile safe zones when examining objects, spells and prayers.
  • Improved pinpoint accuracy of markers on world map.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the region information section from changing when tapping on an island to view more information about it on the Player-Owned Ports Archipelago map.
  • On Mobile longer names for items on tooltips are now being spread out across two lines instead of just one.
  • Player Examine interface now takes into consideration mobile notches and safe areas.
  • Fixed an issue with world map panels being partially cutoff by the notch safe area.
  • Modernised the checkboxes in the treasure hunter interface on mobile.

Patch notes quests header icon.png Quests

  • Blue triangle key gained from Salt in Wound quest is now centred in the inventory slots.
  • Quest journal now states that the high priest of Sophanem can be found in the southern part of town.

Patch notes skilling header icon.png Skilling

  • Monsters killed in Turael/Spria's special slayer assignment without initially tagging them (such as via Corruption Shot/Blast) now count towards task completion.
  • Tortles now count towards Hunter Daily Challenges.
  • Cooking potions can be created via the use option.
  • Players can no longer complete the Farming Daily Challenge early by gathering from an ill animal.
  • Disassembling recoloured Ranger Boots now correctly awards Fortunate Components.

Patch notes keyboard header icon.png Textual

  • Fixed a typo when using an equipment separator on a non-augmented item.
  • A full stop has been added when examining Ysondria.
  • Removed duplicate messaging in the spring cleaner tutorial.
  • Some of the messaging displayed when interacting with charming moths no longer refers to them as butterflies.
  • Typo when extending daily hunter challenge has been corrected.
  • Typo in examine text for the Hangar table seen in the Gnome glider hangar has been corrected.
  • Typo in dialogue box when destroying Jerrod's cape has been corrected.
  • Untradeable is now spelt correctly in the Wealth Evaluator interface.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Other

  • Using a World Event 1 token will no longer teleport players inside a rock during the Bonfire Festival.
  • Players who had skilling items left over from the Wintumber Warmer event will no longer be able to use them and continue to claim XP. Once they have been used up, the XP gain will stop.
  • Crystal Geodes now have a chance to give Crystal Triskelion Fragments both before and after completing the Roving Elves Quest.
  • Rainbow aura/gaze token can now be searched/bought on the Grand exchange.
  • Users will now receive an alert when trying to edit ribbons in combat.
  • Player no longer disconnects from game when releasing skillchompas from the worn equipment tab in the bank interface.
  • The Ship's Biscuit is no longer tradeable.
  • Component bag tutorial messages have been updated.
  • Can no longer Escape/Surge while wearing the Goebie mask.
  • Fixed a pair of floor tiles north of Draynor causing the player to move unexpectedly.
  • Corrupted magic logs will no longer need to be manually used on a portable fletcher.
  • The charming imp can now collect or gather all variations of spirit gem when they are dropped as loot.
  • It's no longer possible to get multiple scrolls from the dying knight at the entrance to God Wars Dungeon.
  • Oddments store will now have enchanted note paper instead of magic notepaper.
  • Crossbow limbs no longer get equipped in the shield slot when equipping them from the bank.
  • Adjusted clan member anniversary messaging to better account for calendar months and years as well as adding a new 1 month anniversary message.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Rainbow's End

A bug in the ‘Firework Festival’ Treasure Hunter promotion allowed some players to re-roll prizes indefinitely. Upon investigation, we discovered that there was an increased injection of GP into the game during the period the bug was live (approximately double that seen on a typical day). This is not a significant amount in terms of the overall game economy. You can read the full post here.

  • Fixed an issue with Rainbow's End that prevented players from claiming a 1x multiplier unlock if they already had x7 multiplier unlocked.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Twitch Prime

On Tuesday, some players were unable to receive their Twitch Prime rewards. We then applied a hotfix to resolve this which accidentally allowed everyone to receive the rewards - which we then hotfixed. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Players that were supposed to receive the Twitch Prime Cosmetic Outfit will now correctly receive this on login.