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Ug is a cowardly troll who resides in the Troll Stronghold. He is in love with Aga, but his fear of her partner Arrg means he is unable to make any move on her.[1] He tells a passing adventurer of his woes, requesting their aid in some Troll Romance. They talk to Aga, then tell Ug to give her a trollweiss flower to prove his love. However, he does not know where they grow, causing the adventurer to use their contacts to get the flower for him. He then claims that he cannot approach Aga because Arrg would kill him.[1] The adventurer defeats Arrg and Ug gives Aga the flower. She eats it and happily accepts him as a partner.

Due to the troll naming method, she either ate something called "Ug" or something that made the sound "Ug", as trolls are named after the first thing they eat, or the first sound it makes if it has no known name.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After the quest, he is still crying, though he claims it's tears of joy.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ a b Ug, "Troll Romance", RuneScape. "I love Aga, she so beautiful, she smell so nice, like rotting dead ice wolf! But Arrg... that arrrrrg! He together with Aga and he much stronger than Ug. He rip Ug apart!"