Troll runt

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This article is about the Troll Invasion monster. For the trolls fought during the tutorial, see Troll runt (Troll Warzone).

Troll runts are summoned by a troll father during the Troll Invasion Distraction and Diversion. They use melee, and can be considered a low priority, similar to that of the mountain troll within the event.

If the troll father is still alive when a troll runt is taken to below half health, the troll father will rapidly heal the runts. For players using Protect from Missiles and wishing to dispatch the runts before the father, luring them to the wall will help as the archers hit accurately into the 200s on every target.

They are more dangerous than their size suggests, as they are very accurate and tend to pile the player wherever they go, and they hardly ever get stuck.

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