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The beekeeper is a man who runs an apiary west of Catherby and south of Seers' Village, next to a flax field. He will tell players all about his bees and beehives, and explain how to obtain buckets of wax and honeycombs, as well as their uses. He tells players that they are welcome to take as much wax and honeycombs as they want, and gives them some insect repellent to aid in doing so.

He appears to be somewhat obsessed with his bees, and warns players to leave them alone, as they belong to him. He makes a bee related pun when players say goodbye to him, telling them to 'bee' good.

During Troll Romance, he assists the player in obtaining the beeswax to wax the sled with.

History[edit | edit source]

He was previously involved in a random event, where he teleported players to a field of beehives and requested help to repair a broken beehive. Players had to assemble the beehive from its four main parts by clicking on them and moving them into their place marked in the centre of the screen. After positioning a piece, they had to select another and repeat the process, until the beehive is completely repaired. After all the pieces had been placed, they had to click the build button at the bottom of the screen to finally assemble the hive.

If the hive was successfully repaired, the player would receive a random event gift and be returned to their original location. If they failed, however, the bees would escape from their hive start attacking the player. The beekeeper would then teleport the player away to a random location.

Before the Random Event Update and more update on 25 February 2009, players could only get this random event whilst picking flax. If players failed the event, rather than being "teleported" by the beekeeper, they would be chased by bees and forced to dive into water. This still teleported them, but it was always to a body of water near Seers' Village. The beekeeper still said that he "Saw you picking flax in the field" even after the update.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The phrase you said when you failed the event "I'm covered in Bees!" is from a sketch by comedian Eddie Izzard.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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