Transcript of Troll Romance journal entry

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  • I have spoken to Ug and found out that he is in love with Aga.
  • I have spoken to Aga and found out that her heart could be won with a certain flower.
  • I have spoken to Freda who told me where to find Trollweiss and that I will need a sled to get there.
  • Dunstan told me what he needs for the sled.
  • I got some logs, an iron bar and rope and gave them to Dunstan who made a sled for me.
  • I have made some sled wax and waxed the sled.
  • I got the Trollweiss.
  • I have given the Trollweiss to Ug.
  • I have defeated Arrg.
  • I got my reward and Ug and Aga can live happily ever after.