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For the music track, see World-gorger Shukarhazh (music track).
"World Gorger" redirects here. For the reward from the third world event, see World Eater armour.
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World-gorger Shukarhazh is a Dungeoneering boss monster that can be fought on the Warped floors of Daemonheim, starting at floor 54 and requiring level 107 Dungeoneering to encounter and fight. It is the final and strongest Stalker encountered in Daemonheim.

The World-gorger's magic attack.

The fight[edit | edit source]

Shukarhazh is made up of four parts: the main body, which is the boss proper, and three eyes on the walls that serve as extensions to its body. The eyes are the Famished melee eye, range eye and mage eye. These three eyes determine the boss's defences, and cap the damage to the boss as well. The Famished mage eye is weak to arrows, the ranger-eye to slash and the warrior-eye to fire spells. The eyes do not die permanently when they are killed; they change their names to "Engorged eye" for 30 seconds, after which they reopen with the message "The creature shifts, and one of its many eyes opens." and resume attacking players. This reinstates the damage cap, and the eyes need to be closed again.

This boss has four attacks:

  • Melee attack, where it will spin forward and hit the player with its tail. The melee attack is only used if all three wall eyes are open.
  • Magic attack, where it spins in a circle a few times and fires a white projectile at the targeted player(s). The magic attack is only used if at least one eye is closed.
  • Ranged attack, taking the form of a dark red projectile fired from the eyeballs on the walls of the room at a player, dealing damage in a 3x3 area where it lands. It can be dodged by moving and blocked by Deflect Missiles.
  • Stomp attack, used only on players that move under the boss, dealing damage equal to 25% of the player's maximum health along with the message "The creature crushes you as you move beneath it."

The World-gorger will heal itself completely if left out of combat, which may be a glitch.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

When all three eyes are open – as they will be at the start – damage against the World-gorger is capped at 200 damage. Players must attack the eyes to lift the damage cap. Destroying an eye will cause it to close, raising the cap to 1000 damage, and closing two eyes removes the damage cap completely. However, if all three eyes are closed, the main body becomes completely immune to attacks.

Players fighting the World-gorger.

Closing an eye is not without its drawbacks; while it raises the damage cap, it will also increase the main body's resistance to the combat style of the killed eye; it also increases the damage dealt by the boss in that combat style.

Eyes closed Damage cap Boss's increased damage Boss's increased defence Boss's weaknesses
Famished warrior-eye 1000 None Melee Magic, Ranged
Famished mage-eye 1000 Magic Magic Melee, Ranged
Famished ranger-eye 1000 Ranged Ranged Melee, Magic
Famished warrior and mage-eyes None Magic Melee, Magic Ranged
Famished warrior and ranger-eyes None Ranged Melee, Ranged Magic
Famished mage and ranger-eyes None Magic, Ranged Magic, Ranged Melee
Famished warrior, mage, and ranger-eyes 0 Magic, Ranged Melee, Magic, Ranged None
All eyes open 200 None None None

Drops[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the Evolution of Combat, the wall eyes' attacks dealt typeless damage instead of ranged damage.