Stalker notes (part 5)

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Stalker notes (part 5) is a drop from World-gorger Shukarhazh in Daemonheim. It is the only place Grondaban is mentioned by name in the game. In the journal, he describes Shukarhazh as "A stalker that is remarkable because it is so unremarkable", also describing it as a non-aggressive creature as well as non-communicative. In the end Grondaban prays that this is not a trap set up by Bilrach.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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4th age, year 1845:

My journals are missing, I have horrible, terrible images of Bilrach pacing through the upper floors of Daemonheim, poring over any disrespectful entry and tearing it out - littering the floors with my prose. Indeed, everything written has gone missing from my offices: the requisition forms, the environmental notes, the written pieces I have collected on my travels. Nothing good can come of this. I fear a terrible cloud hangs over me in these weatherless depths. There is nothing left to do: I must continue as if all is well, and merely hope. My next task is to research a creature newly come to this plane; Bilrach has asked me to write notes on Shukarhazh, a stalker that is remarkable because it is so unremarkable. It is neither aggressive or communicative. It shall be a curious case, and it could yield useful results in taming of the stalkers - but my dark cloud also has a voice, and that voice tells me that this stalker is by no means benign. Bilrach, be merciful; let this not be a trap.


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