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The Divine skinweaver is a powerful healer of the Gorajo, who is encountered in the Skeletal Horde chamber in the Abandoned floors of Daemonheim. Her job is to heal players while they fight off a horde of skeletons and to tell the player when one of the many tunnel entrances in the chamber is weakened and ready to be blocked. Typically, you should kill four skeletons and then block a tunnel. Then after you block a tunnel, kill another four skeletons before blocking another tunnel. Failure to do so (trying to block a tunnel before killing four skeletons) will result in you taking damage equal to around 25% of your maximum life points. She only heals players if they stand on the platform she is on; the longer a player stands on the platform, the more health she restores. However, she cannot heal a player standing on the same spot as her.

During the battle, the Skinweaver speaks with chat messages instead of dialogue. However, when the fight is finished she can be spoken to with a normal dialogue box.

According to the Divine Skinweaver's journal, she was originally part of a group of Gorajo sent into Daemonheim by her people in an effort to put an end to Bilrach's plans, her role being to accompany and heal the other members. She is the only remaining member of that party when the rest of the group was slaughtered, and remains in Daemonheim to assist human adventurers as so not to inflict her failure upon her people, and to try and ease her burden as she felt guilty over the deaths of the rest of his group. According to M. and Thok letters part 4, Thok describes her as a "pretty lady". She also appears in Thok It To 'Em and Thok Your Block Off, in which Thok clearly has a crush on her. They had a brief relationship but separated due to being from different worlds.

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  • patch 15 March 2011 (Update):
    • This npc has been updated to also display what she is saying in the chat window.