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Strange plants are randomly growing plants and former random events that can be found growing on Karamja just northwest of the Brimhaven POH portal. When picked, they give the player a strange fruit, which can be consumed to recover 60% run energy and cures poison if the player is poisoned.

An easy way to make these plants grow, and to obtain its fruits, is by visiting the plant respawn location just north of the small lake (near the house portal in Brimhaven). If players are lucky they may notice that 3 strange plants start to grow, which can also be seen on the minimap as yellow dots. If these plants don't appear, a player can hop to a different world on the RuneScape servers and try to find plants growing there. It takes approximately 30 minutes to respawn.

History[edit | edit source]

A strange plant becomes aggressive.

The strange plant was previously a random event. It grew next to players, and if the player did not pick the plant within a minute or two, it would attack, and possibly poison. It was possible to attack and kill this monster, although it was very difficult due to the fact that any player's maximum hit on it was 3 HP (30 LP), and it had a considerable number of life points. It dropped nothing.

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