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This article is about the random event. For other uses, see Ent (disambiguation).
Hatchet head (dragon).png
Ents were removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Ent as a Yew tree.
Ent as a Willow tree.

Ents are a discontinued RuneScape random event. When a player tried to chop a tree, the tree had a chance of becoming an ent, also known as "dancing tree" to some players. Like most random events, its purpose was to stop macro users. Since the ent could appear for each player chopping the tree, the odds of it showing up increased when woodcutting with more players. However, once it had appeared, it would influence all players chopping that tree.

If the character continues chopping at the ent the hatchet would become broken and useless. Once broken, a player could go to Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge to get the broken axe (now known as Hatchet after the random event update) fixed. Bob would fix bronze, iron, and steel hatchets free of charge, and other hatchet types for a small fee. The stronger the hatchet, the higher the repair cost. Alternately, the hatchet could be repaired in a player-owned house, reducing the cost.

When this random event appeared, players often said "Ent!" to help keep other players from breaking their hatchets.

To warn players that that tree was an Ent, in the "Choose option" box for that tree, the "chop down - " would be in yellow instead of the usual light blue colour. Additionally, Ents would appear as yellow dots on the mini-map.

Other ents[edit | edit source]

Images[edit | edit source]

Type of Tree Image
Dead tree
A dead tree ent.
A normal tree ent.
Willow tree
A willow tree ent.
Teak tree (m)
A teak tree ent.
Maple tree (m)
A maple tree ent.
Eucalyptus tree (m)
A Eucalyptus tree ent.
Yew tree
A yew tree ent.
Magic tree (m)
A magic tree ent.

Graphical updates[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When a player attempted to cut an Ent whilst using a hatchet obtained from Stealing Creation or the Inferno Adze, a message appears telling the player they are not wielding a hatchet they can use and prevents them from chopping the Ent.
  • While extremely rare, a tree could sometimes turn into an Ent more than once since the odds of one appearing is determined by individual players, which means the Ent random could be triggered several times if a lot of players were chopping down the same tree.
  • Although the Ents in RuneScape are rooted to the ground, many, if not most stories or legends that include Ents show the Ent to be mobile, allowing it to walk. Ents have been in various legends, stories, and games, including The Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and in The Wizard of Oz, as an Ent is defined as a sentient tree. Oddly enough, the Giant ent familiar is mobile.
  • When a regular tree was affected by an ent it would have the old animation of regular trees with an ent instead of the new ones.